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Hepatitis C from cut cuticle at nail salon?

I never go to nail salons but decided to go with a friend and get mani and pedi. While getting it done, the technician cut my cuticles and nicked me a few times. They then proceeded to put a brush with oil on all the nails and it seemed like this oil is from the same bottle and touches everyone. The tools don’t look like they were sanitized between clients. Am I at risk for hepatitis?
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Very doubtful
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Why do you say the tools don’t look like they were sanitized? How would the tools look different?

Is this a licensed facility?
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I looked up their license on the Michigan board and their license is active. I also called to ask them if they clean their equipment and they said they have “a machine that cleans it”. Not sure what that machine is.

I thought it looked dirty because they didn’t pull it from a sealed package and seemed like just a drawer they pulled it out from.
I also feel uneasy because the nail tech used his nail to smudge my nail where nail polish had got on my skin, and subsequently also rubbed where the cut and previously bleeding cuticle was. What if he did the same thing with someone else’s bloody nail?
I would assume he washes his hands between clients.
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Ok they likely have an autoclave which sterilizes their equipment.

Your situation is highly unlikely to transmit the hepatitis c virus.

Hep c is not easily transmitted. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.  

Even in a situation where a healthcare worker experiences an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the odds of transmission in that situation are only about 1.8%

Only about 4% of the population has hep c and that number is today declining because new effective treatments were approved in the last several years meaning that hep c is now about 98% or better odds of being successfully treated and cured.

I wouldn’t worry about this situation  
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