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Herbal Treatments

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C back in 2005.  I spent about 3 years driving around the country to many doctors who promised to cure this illness with different alternative medicine ie herbal medications and many other things. Although in some cases these treatments and/or herbal medicine did lower the ALT liver levels it was only temporarily and definitely did not cure it. I ended up doing the Interferon/Riboviron treatment in the end and was thankfully cured.
For those thinking which path to take please do not waste your time and money with herbal treatments and give yourself the best chance there is.  I only had side effects the first day and was absolutely fine after.  Good luck and God Bless!!!
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Agree entirely - the damage is too serious to try herbals instead of interferon. A study on milk thistle showed no effect in viral load or quality of life. Thanks for your post!
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There are 2 ways to clear the virus:  1: Your body immune system is blessed as one of the 15% who actually clear the virus on your own and never become chronic.   2:  You do a (medical doctor's) sanctioned treatment and obtain viral clearance through that method.     There is NO Herbal TREATMENT that will clear your body of Hepatitis C.  It does not exist no matter what snake oil salesperson may try and tell you.  All herbal treatments can do is help you to mentally think that you're cured when in fact if a viral load is checked (when only using herbal treatment and never having used a MD sanctioned medical treatment), you will always still be positive on your viral load count. Please don't be lured into the false sense of security and belief that you can get a cure using herbal supplements.  It is not possible.  I am sorry if that sounds harsh but it is the truth.  
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The vast majority of people who do not treat with interferon will never have any significant problems anyway.  

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End-stage liver disease (cirrhosis) due to chronic hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection has become the leading indication for liver transplantation (LTx) in the United States.

You have made it known how you feel about those people though..
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Hi susan, always nice to see you around here... and as always your post is spot on............. Hope you have a great xmas.
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And, hep C is now responsible for more deaths than HIV/AIDs in the US.

I wanted desperately to go the herbal route rather than do interferon treatment.
Instead I landed up almost dying, getting a transplant and finally getting rid of the virus thanks to interferon.
There is no known herb that will kill the virus. None.
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