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I have hcv antibodies reactive,I am in monogamous relation

I have hcv antibodies reactive since 2010,i am in a monogamous relationship since 4 months. We had unprotected sex. What are the chances of transmitting hcv to my husband. My HCV RNA is negative. Just want to know still there is risk of transmitting sexually. We dn’t share razor, toothbrushes, nail clippers. I was virgin at time of marriage, and once he felt my period on his penis which he washed off at the time. Please do help i am worried
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You don’t have hep C as evidenced by your negative HCV RNA by PCR test result. You have no virus in your blood to transmit.

Hep c antibodies are made by our own bodies when exposed to the hep c virus. Hepatitis C antibodies are not the virus they are a part of your own bodies immune system.
Hcv Rna was negative in 2017 but now my new test of Hcv antibody is showing reactive on 4th june 2018. Do i need to worry still
Can it become reactive anytime. My body is not showing any symtoms of it
If you are positive for Hepatitis c antibodies that means you were once exposed to hepatitis C.  Having a positive hepatitis C antibody test does not mean you are infected with hepatitis C it only means you were previously exposed at sometime in the past.

If you test not detected for the hepatitis C virus itself the HCV RNA by PCR test this means you do not have hepatitis C.

If  you test positive for Hepatitis c antibodies and you test negative on the HCV RNA you will test positive for hep C antibodies for the rest of your life but you are not infected with the hepatitis C virus.  Anti-bodies are not the virus they are made by your body when it tries to fight against an invading virus anti-bodies are a part of you they are made by you.

You do not have hepatitis C because your HCV RNA test does as not detected. You will always and forever test positive for Hepatitis C antibodies this will never change. But as long as you test not detected on the HCV RNA test you do not have hepatitis C.

Just to add Hepatitis c is called a silent illness because the majority of people infected with hepatitis C have no idea they are infected because there are in general no symptoms. The only symptoms should they arise come after decades of infection when you begin to develop the symptoms of liver disease but hepatitis C itself for most people they never know they have it. The only way most people learn they have hepatitis C is because they have elevated liver enzymes on blood testing and then it was later determined they test positive for the virus otherwise they would have no idea they are infected.  

So anyway the bottom line is you do not have hepatitis C you will always test positive for hepatitis C antibodies but you do not have hepatitis C.

Best of luck
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