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I''m losing my best friend

I'm in week 38 of tx. emotions all over the place.  Posted a question yesterday Re:  My kitten being sick.  Took her to the Vet. today.  Seems she has feline HIV "she's dying".  She is (was) my best friend, I'm just beside myself, I'll have to tell them to put her down.  Now what am I supposed to do?  Her toys are everywhere, I keep looking for her, I miss her already.  


Thanks - Lynne
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So sorry.  It sounds cold, but you need another kitten.   I lost an old cat to diabetes.  She was never very affectionate and I was surprised how much I missed her just watching me go through a room and my reaching over and petting her.  Missed her on the foot of the bed, too.  I got another kitten and it really worked to make the old cat fade for me.
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I am so sorry!  I know the feeling of having to put a beloved pet to sleep, but I didnt want my Nikki to suffer. Its heartbreaking.

I am really sorry!
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Oh that's so sad.  I have 2 kitties and understand what you're going thru.  But, we know that is part of having pets.  We will eventually lose them. It may sound cold, but, it's what we must deal with when we give our heart to a fur baby. IMO another kitten would help.  Maybe a rescued one who really needs you.  Find one who choses you.  I don't think you'll be sorry. Know that you gave your little one the best life that you could, but now it's time to let go. I really feel for you. This couldn't have happened at a worse time, but, it will get better.  
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Sorry to hear this.. All animal lovers know how horrible it it to lose a part of the family.
I lost my two of my animals during tx. It was devestating.....

Prayers...take care of yourself.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.  My daughter got mine for me just before I started tx as a Christmas present - she figured I wouldn't bite the bullet and get one myself and she was probably right.  She has become a real comfort to me. I've only had her a year and a half and it has already occurred to me that I will not have her forever and that it will be a terrible day when I lose her.  Sounds as if you and yours have had a lovely life together and I'm sorry for your pain.  We know kittens have a certain lifetime and you've loved her well during hers.  I hope you get yourself another one.  

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I've been following your posts and am tearing up to hear this, so sad. I agree with the others, though, get another kitten. If you can handle it, get 2. That's how I came to get my two 5 yr. old Siamese. We had a rescue cat, another Siamese,  that we had to put down due to unknown illness. We got the little stripy guy, took him to the vet for shots and I was telling the vet how wild he was. She told me to get another kitten. I had, still have, another adult cat, but she said he needed a playmate his own age. It was a very good idea, to be very honest. They have been a joy, and they do keep each other company when we're not home. I waited a month or so after losing the one cat, but considering what your going through, you might not want to wait. My cats have been my rock through this so far. At least one in my bed every night. They sense your pain.
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I  personally beleive in greiving a pet that has passed .before my child ,I had 2 dogs  I would have never thought of just "replacing" my dogs . It might help to put the toys in a bag ,to look at ,and have some personal mementos .but not right away .I can tell you are torn up about this ! Im so sorry .the choice is yours .I see annies point also . but please give it a month  I love all animals .dogs ,cats bugs ,worms .hold out as long as u can !       It took me 8 years ,before I could think about getting another dog . but everyones different .mabey your kitty would WANT you to  go on and give your love to another . who knows i again I AM SORRY .  I ached & pained for my dogs ,I just felt I owed it to them to at least clear my head . In the end you have to do whats best for you . [[[[hug]]]]
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I'm very sorry about your pet that is just horrible timing especially.

Just so you know and not to be a nudge but this side is for the medical questions.....the hepatitis social side link is above and on that side is where we discuss things like this so more people will feel free to respond to your thread (where as on here they might be hesistant just because it's the medical discussion side).  Then you can get a lot of responses from people who love their cats just as much as you do.

Good luck, I'm sorry for such horrible timing of this all.
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Im so sorry to hear about your kitty. My allergies to cats made me a dog person. I had a little jack russell.. She was so full of life and energy and kept me entertained constantly. She was hit by a car while my ex hubby was having his poker night. I layed in the floor with her crying for 4 hours until she passed.
I was devastated. in 2 weeks my ex's friend that was there that night called me. He said I have you a dog. I said I dont want another dog. He said you will want this one. I said no.. dont even bring it up here. 30 minutes later he pulls in and hands me a box. I look inside and nothing.. I said it must have gotten out in the car.. He said its in there.. I tipped the box a tiny bit and out of the corner rolled this little fur ball about 4 inches long. It was the tiniest thing Id ever saw..
  Pulling him out of the box I knew he needed me as much as I needed him. He was so little when I let him out to walk on the floor I would have to follow him to keep people from stepping on him. He was half pom and half yorkie.. and the most adorable thing you ever saw. He went everywhere with me. Vacations, stores, families houses.. He was my baby (I could never have my own kids) and couldnt bare to leave him alone.
Eventually I named him Nibbles. He was always biting and chewing on me. When my ex and I seperated and I moved in my own place Nibbles was all I had. He contracted parvo.. Between the vets meds and my constant feeding and making him drink water he got better. I just knew I would lose him but I didnt. He was so smart. I would buy him beanie babies and he knew all 25 of them by name. He would try to tell me back that he loved me.. People would freak on that one. I couldnt even spell the word "outside" without him knowing what I was saying..

I had him 5 years and left him at my brothers to puppy sit and when they let him out someone stole him.. 5 years later I still tear up and feel the heartbreak. Ive never gotten another dog. I married a man with 3 gorgeous daughters that take all my time and energy.

They are right. Everyone thats telling you to get another kitten. When Minnie had gotten hit I swore Id never have another dog. But Nibbles came into my life and gave me more joy than I could have ever thought possible..

Good luck and lots of prayers..
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