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Lost interest

Hey everyone....glad your here. This is my first post seeking advice, but several posts giving help.
I have HepC since 1973, in 1998 liver is cirrotic and have Chronic Pancreatitis. I am aking if anyone with similar dxs have lost interest their favorite things they did. Like I use to go our in my boat 3 days a week. I loved fishing since I was a little boy. Now I'm 59. I seldom leave the house except for food shopping and occassional dinner with girlfriend and her parents.
It seems that I have lost interest in life. Anyone have common  feeling or advice? I greatly appreciate it.
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Have you considered that you're depressed?  Classic sign of that is to lose interest in things you would normally enjoy doing.  Loss of enthusiasm for life.  Considering what impact your illness is likely having on you....I'm not exactly surprised by that.  Sometimes people need to take some medication to make them feel better about life until that kicks in for themselves...if ever.  I have a girlfriend with chronic depression who now has it under control via medication and she will likely be on meds the rest of her life.   It IS a medical condition that's treatable and I would suggest that you seek medical help for this from a doctor who understands depression.

In the meantime....I would like to suggest to you that you start doing things you don't feel like.  There is an expression called "fake it til you make it".  Even if you don't initially feel any enthusiasm for it, go in the boat anyway.  You may slowly start to rediscover your joy.  When I have had periods where I lose my interest in life, I force myself to get outside and do things.  I don't think I've ever wished I hadn't after doing something like that.  And if you make time with someone and as it gets closer, you will likely not feel like it but go anyway.  The hardest part to these things is getting started.  Once you've started, then pretty much you'll be okay.  

So Jim...I'm going to suggest that you seek medical help...but also try helping yourself with faking it til you can turn this around.  It's too easy to give into the safe and comfortable isolation that slowly kills your soul.  

I wish you good luck.  

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I really think that yes your dx and your condition can be very debilitating, its a shock and takes adjustment.  You have to find ways to take care of yourself, and look at the good things in your life. For every rotten thing that confronts you, you have to find something good.  Sometimes I look at this mess as conditions that are burning old Karma, what matters is how we deal w/ it, and that we are kind to others and ourself.  I wish you restored health, happiness and peace.. M4now
Also sometimes Anti depressants and good friends can help..
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i'm not sure if it's possible to get sick of fishing snook....maybe go for tarpin ..that might do it...i know my dogs have gotten me through a lot of bad times...they can be a pain sometimes though..i also see so many folks getting down about our country lately...must be nice in florida now...anyway cheer up ..good luck ...billy
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I have lost interest in many things and am trying to get them back now. Try some anti d
s or a psych to talk to. Being ill can be so depressing. Have you tx'ed yet?  I think all of us here get down now and then. I can't leave the house much myself. I sure did before tx. I don't even go shopping!  Sometimes I make myself go. I am going to school now and can do that, also I go to appts and out with John. By myself, it is tough. I have PTSD and I know this is one reason.  Hope you hang around, make some buddies and laugh with us, as well as cry!  

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All the suggestions above are excellent. I'm sorry you feel bad because you don't like to do the things you used to like. Life is about change and growth. Can you do new things? Are you on disability or retired?
Everyone needs occupational therapy. Maybe you can pick up a new hobby (instead of fishing). Lots of things I used to like to do that I don't do now and I don't miss them. I have moved on.

There are some Bach Flower Remedies that can help with that. Check them out at your health food store. Scleranthus is for uncertainty and indecision, Olive is for lack of energy, Oak is for exhausted but struggles on, Mustard is for deep gloom with no origin, Larch is for lack of confidence, Impatiens is for impatience, Hornbeam is for "Monday morning" feeling, Honeysuckle is for people who dwell on the past, Gorse is for hopelessness or despair, Gentian is for discouragement or despondency, Clematis is for dreaminess or lack of interest in the present, Chestnut bud is for failure to learn from past mistakes and Chicory is for people who are possessive, overprotective, Cerato is for those who seek advice and confirmation from others, Cherry plum is for those who fear losing control. Centaury is for those weak-willed and easily led, etc. There are 26 in all and I don't want to mention them all. They also have Rescue Remedy that is a combination of about 6 of them to be used in any emergency. Works great.

You just need to put 4 drops in a small glass of water and sip it slowly. It helps change the negative attitudes mentioned above. It is rather subtle -don't expect it to hit you over the head. It happens more gradually. It took us years to get these negative attitudes and they won't go away overnight. Slowly but surely they work. In order to not partake of the alcohol they are preserved in, you can use very hot water and wait 4 minutes after you put in the drops and the alcohol will evaporate. Good luck and be patient with yourself. You find them in the health food store. They are from England  

We are all changing all the time. I'm 65 and learning watercolor painting now. We can always grow.    
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