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I am a year and half post tx and I am  experiencing memory loss, processing information (use to have a wonderful sense of direction) and just not myself.  I have a very hectic job and I feel there are times I cannot keep up--and yes
my confidence has diminished...anyone out there feel the same way...???
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Yes. I feel the same way. Before ToX I felt strong and confident that I could take on any challenge, face anything. I was only on it for 14-weeks. It didn't work well enough. Stopped a couple of months ago.

My memory and concentration have improved since stopping, but I still feel like I am only half the person I that I was. I feel very limited now. Much less competant in just about every aspect of my life. It has caused me embarrassment that I can't remember things like acquaintances names. A couple of weeks ago I went to a nutrionist for some advice on stabilising my metabolism after ToX. I couldn't remember the English names for many of the Japanese foods that I normally eat, or what I had eaten over the last few days. I felt like such a fool.

Acquiring new information is a struggle now, formerly it was a joy.

I am still open to the idea that I might improve. I feel like the capacity to concurrently visualize and consider information was physically destroyed during treatment. Atrophied. I have wondered if some kind of brain training might help restore it.

Eyesight deterioration and other health issues that appeared during ToX have also contributed to a lack of confidence and feeling of hopelessness about my prospects in life from now on. I am working again - half time - but that's better than not at all.

It has bothered me from the start that there are no benchmarks or studies about this kind of thing. If I knew that was normal to feel this way for [x] months, or that I could do a, b, or c, to improve my chances it would be easier to tolerate.

People can be rebuked here for saying things which will upset those who are currently on treatment. People have told me that they didn't suffer from these problems, or they recovered very well after stopping treatment. I am sincerely glad for them. If I get better, I will honestly report it and tell people that they have hope. Right now though, it isn't the truth for me.
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Treatment and after treatment effect everyone differently.  That is one of the basis for this forum.  To share our experiences and gain additional insight.  Who knows why some people have sx that overwhelm them and don't rebound for months or years?  And why do others breeze right through it?   We shouldn't discount what others say just because it doesn't apply to us and on the other hand we can't become overly concerned by the horror stories we hear as well.  It is an individual experience, and none of us know what other factors may be contributers to the decline in someone else's life.  So, all in all, I think it's good thing to share experiences - if it doesn't apply -  toss it -  if it does apply - you know you're not the only one out there with that problem.  Can be comforting.
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