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New treatments for HCV

I have not posted here is quite some time. I used to be a regular here back in 2006 through 2009. I had HCV  and cleared in 2008. I had participated in a trial with a drug called R7128. That drug went on to become sofosbuvir. I just spoke to my cousin and she told me she just found out that she tested positive for HCV. I told her that I will be more than glad to be her sounding board and help guide her through this ordeal. Back in the day I was pretty well versed in all things Hep C. Since then I kind of lost touch with everything going on with all of the new anti-virals out there.
I have a two part question. First sho can recommend a good HCV doctor near Atlanta GA. Second, What can anyone tell me about the new regimens. There seems to be many new drugs or combinations of drugs they are using these days. When I did my trial. I received a polymerase inhibitor in combination with Pegalated Indterferon and Ribavarin. The trail drug (sofosbuvir) had virtually no sides and I cleared in 4 weeks. The peg and riba were horrible (especially the peg) which I had to take for 48 weeks total. I see now that they give sofosbuvir with peg and riba for 12 weeks and now have Harvoni which combines Sofosbuvir with Ledipasvir. CAn anyone speak to this? Experiences? Thanks and be well everyone.
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Even newer and better than Harvoni. Epclusa check it out also Mavyret.

I was a 3 time interferon based treatment null responder. I developed cirrhosis after 30 years of infection. Seven  years after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis the new drugs started to become available.

I treated with Sovaldi and Olysio off label in March to June 2014 (12weeks)  but when I was tested 12 weeks post I was found to have relapsed.

After Harvoni was  approved in October 2014 I started treatment with Harvoni in November along with ribavirin for 24 weeks.  I treated for 24 weeks because of my prior treatment history along with having cirrhosis.

That treatment was thankfully  successful. I finished treatment May 4 2015 and have been hep c free since.

After three treatments with interferon Harvoni was a cake walk for me. Got a bit tougher when we added the ribavirin as I only took ribavirin for 15 of the 24 just wanted to make damn sure this treatment would work.

But anyway check out the other two new meds I mentioned they are extremely effective and well tolerated by most patients. They both have cure rates above 98% for treatment naïve non-cirrhotic patients. Some treatment regimens can be as short as 8 weeks.

Can she get a referral from her primary care? Or see a liver specialist associated with a hospital withstand liver center. But today many primary care doctors are able to follow hep c patient treatments.

Congrats on your cure and good luck to your cousin.

Thank you so much for you fast response. I always loved this forum. It is filled with very knowledgable people who give solid advice, and even many times are better versed than most doctors (unless they are as you mentioned a specialist or part of a major hospital). I will definitely look into the drugs you mentioned.  Congratulations on your SVR!!! After treating 3x's and relapsing I can only imagine who relieved you must be!!! That is awesome...Interferon and riba are nasty drugs and have many nasty side effects.
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