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Switched doctors...feel amazing!

So when I expressed my problems to you all about my previous GI doctor and his lack of bedside mannor, some of you told me to question him and to look into other doctors.  So i did.  My new doc, a Hematologist, treated me wonderful.  He helped me out with several of my issues.  Also, I am undetected at 7 weeks of treatment, and ALT is down to 17 from 400's.  You know, my old dotor kept threatening me and telling me he wasgoing to take me off of treatment if I kept complaining about symptoms.  He really made me second guess my treatment.  But new doctor assured me that all my symptoms were normal and expected and TREATABLE.  thankyou all.
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That's great that you have a doctor who knows what this treatment is really about.  That can make a huge difference, while you're fighting the side effects there is simply no energy to waste in conflicts with your treatment team.  Sounds like your new doctor gets it.

Congrats at reaching UND.  Hang in there, its a long arduous program but SCR is so worth it.  Good luck.

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Yay Bells!!!!

I'm glad you found someone to be on your team.  Hang in there and keep on keeping on.  Congratulations on UND at 7.

Wishing you well,


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So glad it is working out with the new doc.  Personally, I'll take the smart guy over the guy with good bedside manner, but if you have a doctor you can't even talk to, he's useless.  Patients whose side effects are managed are much more likely to stick with the full course of TX.  Clear at 7 wks. is an excellent sign.  Way to go.
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Good for you!  Bedside manner is very important, it's not always about symptoms and cures (although don't get me wrong a cure would be nice).  The fact that you were worried about reporting your symptoms for fear of being taken off treatment is (or ...well ...was) an issue.  Glad you went out and found yourself a decent doctor! And glad that your levels are looking good and that you made it to week #7.
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It's great that you found a doctor you have confidence in.  It's important to get the reassurance so you can concentrate on healing instead of wondering.  Good for you!
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I switched doctors mid-treatment also. Both were hepatologists. The first one was never available and his staff was terrible. I'd show up for a office visit and the PA wouldn't be there. They screwed up on my testing. They wouldn't treat my side effects. Dealing with them was more stressful than the treatment. I lined up another hepatologist and then switched after 12 weeks so I wouldn't mess up my medication preapproval with my insurance carrier. Once I got rid of them I could concentrate on the treatment and it was so much easier. Good luck!
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