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Without biopsy

My husband was diagnosed last week with stage 4 cirrhosis. He was in hospital for 3 days.  My question is how can they tell what stage it is at without biopsy?    Doc says he is not at a point for liver transplant.  He was sent home with 7 prescription which keep him pretty tired.   I am monitoring his sodium to stay under 1500 Dailey.   I am new to this site any feed back would help me.  I scared.   They say all,his other organs are working as they should which makes me feel better.    I've also started him on B complex and vitamin K along with liver aid.   Is that helping or hurting him?

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Doctors often can tell if a patient has cirrhosis on clinical exam. That is not true for patients with earlier stage disease. Cirrhotic patient's livers will feel hard on palpation. Their spleens will feel enlarged. They may have spider nevi which is not usual in a healthy male. In females it can be hormonal. In males it often means cirrhosis. Lab work gives lots of clues as well. Platelets are usually on the low side. White and red counts are as well. Clotting factors may be off especially in late cirrhosis.

I would not be using vitamin B unless the doctor ok's it. They can be toxic especially in a person who's liver does not clear things quickly. The same goes for vitamin k which is fat soluble and stays in the body a long time.

Wishing your hubby the best.
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Does he have HEPC? This is the HEPC community, you may want to post to the Cirrhosis community.
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I have f4 fibrosis and have been taking 50mcg (micrograms) of b complex prior and post treatment. 100mcg was too strong for me 59 yr old active man 200lbs. I also take ester c 500 mg daily this is a natural antiviral and keeps my bilirubin down. Without it I experienced dark urine frequently. I have done vitamin k off and on for clotting factor help. I added vitamin D 2000 mg. and a multi vitamin. I also use gummy probiotics daily and this helps with bacteria sensitivity from food. I am post Harvoni treatment 16 wks and my spleen has shrunk back to normal and platelets have risen 30% to 45-50.
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I wasn't done. My doctor has ok'd all of these. So lots more fruit and vegetables, exercise, proper rest ( I occasionally use melatonin to get back in sync) watch salt and suger intake.
Good luck. And try not to worry. This is doable with a little effort.
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