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at last i started my mids

i started harvoni today i can drink tea and eat apple banana or eat onion??
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You can eat most anything you want to. All you need to be careful with is antacid medicines.

The first person you should ask these questions to is your doctor.
fish banana any fruits?
Curious why you are asking this why do you think there would be? There are no  dietary restrictions listed on the prescribing information sheet for Harvoni.

Eat anything you want. The only thing is use caution with antacids if you have problems with heartburn.

If you have questions about your medicine or anything you are wanting to know about your treatment you really need ask your doctor. I am not a medical person I am a patient with cirrhosis who is now cured of hep c.
im asking you because you know better than doctors. i suffered two years since i know i have hep c and was afraid of evrything even before i take harvoni. my life changed and i hope i get it back
I am not a doctor.

The doctors go to university for 8 years or more to study medicine. They are the experts.

I have only 2 years of college and work as a mechanic I could not possibly know more than the doctors.

They are the experts in medicine.

I can repair your cars engine and brakes.

I am just a patient who lived with hep c for 37 years until the new medicines were invented and am now cured. And I read a lot.

That being said there is nothing I have seen about any dietary restrictions while taking Harvoni.

Good luck with your treatment you will be fine.
Ok my only problem is after i know i have hep c and fears came into my heart, brain and body. i cant walk more than 5 minutes. sometimesmy body feels like need sugar need foods and drinks. like my blood sugar going down and i find my body unbalance go left and right untill i drink something to fast. feel like i will go in coma if i dont drik sugar.
what is your advice to me? i went to many doctors and most of them said its in my nervous because my fears. what test i can make??
sorry for my english
You should work with your doctors and follow their advice
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The bottom line is, eat a healthy diet. Nothing in a healthy diet is going to affect Harvoni. A fact sheet from Gilead is readily available on the web that details any contraindications of Harvoni.

Some people have had spikes in blood pressure while on Harvoni, so a lower sodium diet may be wise as a preventive measure. Having said that, you should see your health care practitioner to determine whether this is even necessary in your case.
Here is some information about how to take care of yourself while you're being treated for Hep C. As virt111 points out, it includes eating a health diet. Good luck with your treatment and be sure to come back and let us know how it's going!
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