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terminal illnesses

Ive been doing some reading about terminal illnesss and noticed that they have hepatitis B listed as a terminal illness.If that is the case shouldnt Hep C also be considered terminal?Doesnt make any sense to me.What point do they consider terminal???I would think that if Hep B is considered terminal then so should HepC...
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We all know that a person can die from the damage hep c causes to our bodies. I am not sure how it is classified semantically, but does it really matter? Generally It takes a very long time to get that sick if ever (20-40 years). Sadly there are people dying of hep c as we speak and people on this board that have advanced disease, for them time is of the essence.  For those that have little damage at this point the medications that are being developed in the next several years will likely cure a good portion of them.

From what I understand HIV has been changed from it's terminal status to a long term manageable chronic disease because of the dramatic increase in life expectancy because of the new drugs they are using to suppress it. The same category of drugs by the way that they are using to fight hep c.

- Dave
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Yes thats true. I will only concede that this illness is terminal when they screw the lid down on my coffin, until then I will be fighting every step of the way !!!
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Not really sure about this and is only a guess. But HBV is never completely cured.

HCV on the other hard is considered curable.
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I like hamilton's point of view.

When you think of it, even perfect health is terminal.
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it's like I always wonder on commercials for drugs why they say "if you have ever had hepB dont take this drug" but never mention hepc.  I figure if you are stage 3/4 your liver probably wouldn't be ideal for taking that med too.  But I dont know anything about hepb and that is only what i think when the commercials run.

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"Not really sure about this and is only a guess. But HBV is never completely cured.
HCV on the other hard is considered curable."

I am pretty sure copyman is correct. I think they manage hep b with protease inhibitors and change them when resistance occurs the way they do with hiv. I am certainly no expert on hep b though, but my good friend has it and I believe that is what he told me.

- Dave
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Yep, we all have a terminal illness called "being human".


No way around that one.
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