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Tx starts Feb 29 - anyone else around then?

It seems to be good to know who else is starting treatment around the same time....we're able to encourage each other along as we go....Forseegood, Kittyface?  Where are you at?  Anyone else starting about the same time as me?

Not that we don't all encourage each other regardless of where we're at in this journey...just wondering who else is setting out on this road about the same time.

Thanks. :)

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Yes - I love that movie
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a really good line from this movie "Away from Her" with Julie Christie? About a woman with onsetting Alzheimer's disease? Anyway, her husband said he didnt like a place (to put her because of her illness) and she said

"At this stage I don't think we should be looking for things we *like*...at this stage I think all we can aspire to is a little bit of grace..." That's what I feel about this disease and it's treatment...or I'm trying to anyway.
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Gauf.....good luck with this next round...I hope the saying "third time's a charm" applies in this case.  You're on the chart. ;->

etgal .. when do you start tx ?

lmr28 ... updated you on my spreadsheet.. lol  :)  Wow...March 3!!  Very soon...hope everything goes very well for you!

KBT rocks  :)
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ready to raise my sword on 3/3.  went back over this list and will spend the weekend preparing and gathering supplies.
the lists really help!!!
pleased to be a part of this team!!!!
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That's for Kick Butt Team - it's only appropriate to have a acronym...

I was getting all excited about making the lab chart and can't find it. Does anyone recall someone attaching one a month or so ago? It may have been from another site. My memory is gone these days. I think it was in excell. Anyway i can make one up. What do we want to track besides:    

Please add to the list  - also thanks Gauf for the important heads up!
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End of March for me. Remember to "sit" on the drugs for at least 2 weeks before starting!  My insurance/pharmacy had a snafu last tox and I ended up not having a dose in time!  This may have lead to my relapse.  Play it safe and stay at least 2 weeks ahead of the game cause you do not need the added stress, believe me!  Good luck and Godspeed to us all.
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Can I enlist?  I want to be a dragon slayer, too.  I'll meet up with Mikki and we'll have the rear guard.

Mikki - I laughed out loud fer-sure at your list.  Mines getting pretty long.  Over-prepared, micro-manager deluxe - that's me.

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So glad we won't be going this alone. I think the chart is a Good Idea.

Someone sent me a cool labs chart - I'll look for it and see if I can forward ot on and we can include our individual info and pass it on. I'll have to PM you my address when I find it.

Thanks for the great info - I'm adding posty notes, comfort foods and valum to my list!

Oh and I just poured a glass of fake champaign (From Trader Joes - Ariel de-alchohlized). And am toasting to our teams success and our great support network!

Bottoms up....
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Mikki....And I checked my horses locks on their stall 4 times tonight- maybe just forgetful...but weird............
POSTY NOTES! Think your forgetful now! LOL.I have posty notes everywhere! I think my most memorable brain fog moment was leaving a Dr.s app., driving home and getting a call saying 'Uhhhhh, where'd you go Lauri? You have to come back?'  I wasn't done yet! Forgot , walked out and drove home :(

Medicmommy...thinking of you Monday!! Don't stress!!!!! I did so much, for no reason, my shot was barely an event at all!! Kept waiting for the ball to drop, it didn't!

Kimmypoo, all starting.....hoooorahhh, your on your way!

The list is great! I did all the cleaning, check list, preparing, makes you feel some control in all this.

Trish...great!!! Seems like yesterday you were fighting the choice, trials, labs, etc.

Forsee.....it'll be a monkey off of your back to start!! A heavy monkey!!

Kick butt ladies !!!!!  I get to be the post tx-er coaching/rooting you along soon, and telling you 'it'll be over soon' !!  So many of you starting, think I'll need a chart also!

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Wow...seeing as I have a sword of my own....there is gonna be some warrioring goin' on!!  And I'm in VERY good company here!!  

Elaine...you are sweetheart and thank you for your good wishes, that means alot.

Forsee....you being politically incorrect...hope for you yet (I dunno how to make a devilish grin emoticon so that's implied :)  I wish you good luck in dealing with your potentially intellectually challenged NP and hope you can get started soon.  Once I'd decided to move on this, I have found the hardest part is the waiting.  

Kimmypoo2 ... please let us know when you've started...how are you doing in the meantime?  I checked your profilfe for your information, i.e. genotype, etc...would you mind sharing that?  I'm, um...putting it in my spreadsheet....lol  :)

LL...I'm in the Phase II R1626 trial.  It worked out so *well*....that I feel that it was mean to be and I really don't believe much in that...but this just turned out so good.  After everything I've been discovering about tx limitations here in Canada....I would have had to fight whole new battles for my own tx...now I know I will get exemplary care and potentially a protease inhibitor into the mix.  I can fight those other battles differently.  And yes, hurray!!  A start date!!  Thanks for all your encouragement and support all along.  I'm SO glad you're nearing the end of your tx!!!!

Mikkimoe....take good care of yourself while you're getting ready for tx.....I have my own list too....includes stocking up on fruits, dried fruits, buying a water container for work (done!), getting my budget sorted out...again,  finishing up with early "spring cleaning", grocery shopping Thursday night....and a final wee dram on Wednesday..lol...some may not agree with that but...well...my last wee dram of anything for who knows how long but most certainly for the next 18 months.  We'll be supporting you regardless ..... and if getting started on tx soon is what you want, hopefully all goes very well for you the next while.

Medicmommy......tomorrow is "liftoff"!!!   I know when I first got the news last Friday that I was starting tx in a week, I felt both a mixture of excitement and trepidation...spent a couple of hours feeling a bit scared sh!tless actually....and then it sunk in ... I FINALLY get to start fighting this dragon!!!!  So now I'm still a wee bit scared...but mostly excited and I understand your ride.  Up until now I've felt like I'm on a slow elevator down to hell, the door will open and I'll get off, the door will close behind me and it won't open again for 48 weeks.  Oddly enough..now that it's here I don't feel like that.  Now I am simply glad to be moving forward and I am looking forward to the ride....I don't mean to minimize the seriousness of it...but it's just so *good* to finally move forward.  I will be thinking of you tomorrow and I will raise my glass of carbonated H20 to you as well.  :)   All the best to you!!

My, what a lovely bunch of coconuts..........  :)  (I can deal with crazy just fine, 4C. :)

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It warms my heart to read all these again this morning while I was feeling a bit droopy!  I, too, am making my lists and checking them twice!  
The obsession with this thing feels so insane and I am reassured to know I am not alone.  This thing takes over.  I think about "it" all the time.  Maybe that will subside when I actually begin tx?  Maybe not!  lol.  Sounds like THAT really takes over!
Maybe today being Sunday, I'll take the time to sharpen my sword.  Hate dull edges!  ;-)

medicmommy~ I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending loads of positive, healing energy!  I may even tip a glass of H2O to you and make a toast to NO sx!!!!!  (must find a reason to blow the dust off my wine glasses!!!)

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Hi trish!
My first shot is Monday, Feb 25...I do believe this is what a dog going to the vet must feel like! LOL...I't'll be a comfort to have a few others join the Hep Dragon slaying party!...Yup, got my sword...:)
Mikkimoe...Make a grocery list...and do shopping for simple to make stuff...cup-O -soups...Nuts...(good to eat when taking the riba)...I like your list...sounds like mine...LOL...Oh, got your sword for the party? :) ...
                                                              A sister in fighting this stupid dragon,                             Melinda
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I'll be close behind you if all goes well - gotta get through 30 days with an event monitor stuck to my chest and those other misc tests..Hopefully by the end of March.

4C and Trish - Sounds like I may need to tack a little time on for the delivery thing - I already have a specialty mail order pharmacy delivering my enbrel so hopfully they can take care of this as well. Let me know what else to expect please.

Can you guys tell me if I have left anything out that needs to be done first done first.

I'm getting my heart checked out
Got tons of labs including cryo and thyroid (maybe I should get an endocrine and pituitary according to something I read here lately)
I have a mamagram and pap next week
I got the biopsy and a liver scan - would like to do the fiberscan
I started on an antidepressant - but just through my GP - not a pych...do I need one?
I tested for parasites last week
Got approved trough my Rhuematologist and Internest
Had my crowns done and teeth cleaned (that set me back - ugh)
Collected lots of data to share with docs on length of tx and Alinia
Started my Taxes - this could be tough on tx
Got the dog groomed
Hired a gal to feed my horses in the morning
Took my house off the market
Made room in the cupboard for tons of water
Ok this is getting pretty silly...but it seems I've becoming a little obsessive lately...brush my teeth everytime I eat anything (I've never done that before). And I checked my horses locks on their stall 4 times tonight- maybe just forgetful...but weird.

Thanks for your input...looking forward to txing with you
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A start date !!!!!!  Which trial/tx exactly are you in, decided on (haven't been thru post yet).

  Start buddies are good, 'cept I forgot a couple   :(
And as Ms. Charm said......you'll have MANY rooting you on. It's so good here as we have pre tx-er's, in tx-er's, post tx-er's....all input here.

Excited for you all starting....that past the 1st dose-got started feeling is good.
My 'only' 24 weeks has flown by...okay, I'm BS-ing there!   But counting them down is good!!!

  Wishing you ALL easy tx's!!

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i start in march.....maybe we can be treatment buddies....
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I *should* be starting around that time, God willing...just hope my NP isn't retarded (sorry if that offends anybody) she just seems to be taking her sweet time with me getting started with all this...but then, maybe she figures I've put this off so many years, a few months here and there won't matter?...who knows how these people think? Or maybe she has a bunch of patients set to go in front of me, who are in worse liver stages, God knows...but I should be going around then...we can be treatment buddies....if you don't mind watching crazy people, lol.....
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Hi! I'm geno3 and hope to be beginning right around that time.  I am still working with the "specialty" pharmacy on getting the tx supplies HERE.  What a runaround!  
I know that medicmommy begins on Monday, the 25th and I think that pKinCA has just done shot #2. (correct me if I'm wrong on that pK!!!)
There are a couple others who are either just beginning or preparing to do so.  I think we have a great little group of newbies!  I have gotten so much information and support already from this forum.  It has been a real blessing to have discovered it.  I would feel so very alone without it!!!
Thanks to all!!!!
(((((((((((((((((  hugs  ))))))))))))))))))
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We will all be around to encourage you and get you thru this journey.
I just did #14 last nite.

You DEFINITELY wont be alone here.
I have had such support and so glad I found this forum.
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