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Abdominal hernia with chronic wounds and external bleeding.

Massive large hernias with external wounds caused by the hernias being so large making for a thin abdominal wall. Recently one of the wounds veins has been basically spraying blood out like a fountain. Takes me up to a half hour just to get the bleeding to stop . My question is - is there another way to get the bleeding to stop ? Hospital has told me to put pressure on it . With the amount of blood shes losing everyday is concerning to me . The wounds wont heal because of the hernia the drs wont do the hernia surgery unless the wounds heal. How do I help her ? She soaks through 6 8x10 abd pads , towels , gauze, clothes and still has blood puddles all over the floor and bed .. please dont suggest hospital. They do NOTHING , but send her home with me to care for . I am in Wichita ks and the medical care here is not good. Sorry if this is all over the place , hard to write your question in a tiny box . I have pictures and video of the situation if that would help I can send them to anyone who thinks they might be able to help. Thank you.
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