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Umbilical Hernia

I am having surgery once I lose about 20-30 more pounds. For those who had it, did it make your belly button look normal again? What was your healing time?
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Hello and welcome!
Most of the plastic surgeons make an attempt that the belly button looks normal after surgery. With a good abdominoplasty there are chances that the belly button will be normal in appearance after surgery. After surgery you can go home once the effect of anesthesia wares off. You may leave the same day but if the hernia was large you may be asked to stay in hospital for aday.After surgery your vital parameters will be monitored and depending on the parameters you will be discharged. Once back home avoid lifting or strenuous exercise for at least the first two weeks, light exercise like walking can be done. The recovery time varies person to person and depends on your general health condition and extent of hernia. Usually one can be back to the normal routine after 2 weeks of surgery. But it is better to avoid strenuous jobs for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery as it can lead to tearing of the incision. Hope it helps.
Good luck for your surgery!
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i agree i had surgery on my stomach and everything Asharma MD said is true and correct I have a scar but its healing and probaly would heal better if i use oinment on it like neosporin or something which I need to consider because I had staples but I feel normal now no more pain dont worry you will recover to BeautifulDisasterXO and I pray the best for you take care ps i had surgery twice for ovarian cyst and umbilical hernia but im fine the best to you
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Was there any risks involve when doing the surgery?Did they put the mesh and how long did u take to recover
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