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Can herpes show up 10 months later on your stomach?


Had unprotected sex with a woman 11 months ago. I know time isn’t always a factor but it was for about 5 minutes. The next day I asked her if I had anything to worry about and if I should get tested or anything. She said all is clear.

Current situation:
Over the last 10 days I developed these strange bumps on my stomach. I thought they were bed bugs because I had them before. But they eventually spread further up and out. They are centered around my belly button. Some of them clustered and for really really itchy. Which of course made them get red and irritated and a little bit puffy. They’re dying down now after about 10 days but now I noticed a few pop up on my arm close to where it would touch my stomach.

Could this be herpes? Given all those scenarios what are the odds? I scheduled a test appointment but it’s not till next week and I’m dying to know if I should be worried.
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I would be really surprised if this was herpes.

First, the timing is suspect. It's not impossible, but it would be really unlikely.

More importantly, the location of these bumps makes it far more unlikely to be herpes. Herpes infects nerve groups. Genital herpes, which you would have gotten from unprotected sex, infects the sacral ganglia, which would give you symptoms in the boxer shorts area, not where you're getting symptoms.

Since you can't see your doctor until next week, maybe you should go to an urgent care, or take some pics so your doc can see what it is in case it's gone by next week.

Also, just a tip - the time to ask about STDs is before sex, not after, especially if you aren't using condoms. No judgement, just educating.
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