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Hello, I wanted to know if it is recommended for me to get a western blot or a bio kit confirmation test after my results. 5 weeks after ...
So first of all thank you all medhelp community for what you do. I have an issue and feel like such an idiot. I have a wonderful girlfr...
After having unprotected sex with a partner (Nov 9 2019) he told me that he might or might not have herpes. Truth be told I think he doe...
Acyclovir isn’t cutting it. I’m 62, been HSV positive for 40 years and still dogged by this nasty virus. Has anyone had any luck with alt...
ok so this question really isnt life threatening but i need to know if you can spread herpes through a hot tub? my mother and i went on a...
I had protected sex with a prostitute in April 15th, and I took a igG test in quest diagnostic in July 9th. The result came back negative...
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