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I recently did HSV2 testing where my IGG initially have a result of 1.2 The lab ran the rest again and it came back 0.8. What does this...
I just got the call confirming a positive test a few hours ago I was tested just before I met my current boyfriend back in November of la...
Can you get HSV1 by kissing (peck) when present? My girl has had a cold sore on her lips three years ago and I gave her a kiss. Did I c...
I am a female. Does having both HSV1 and 2 in the genital area makes you more at risk of transmitting it? I believe I'm asymptomatic sinc...
I received unprotected oral sex from another gay male almost 2 weeks ago. A week after exposure I noticed two tiny bumps, one on the head...
Hi,so I am freaking out. I recently engaged in giving a guy unprotected oral sex December 8... About a week later, I had swollen tonsils ...
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