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Hi, I tested for HSV1 & 2 as a routine std check. My results came back as follows: March 2020 : HSV2 1.08 Equivocal April 2020: HS...
I was wondering if someone could help my understand these sores. The timeline is as such: 1) just inside the opening of the nostril...
do you know where i can get a western blot and herpes 2 elisa test on ontario canada
So I recently gotten broken up with after warning my partner that I had a cold sore so he wouldn’t kiss me and accused me of giving it to...
I was diagnosed with HSV2 July of this year. I went in for a routine std checkup and asked for them to test me for everything (since I re...
This is what i believe may be my first recurrent outbreak since being diagnosed with hsv-1 two years ago. I had a small blister forming y...
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