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On 11/17/23, she spit directly on my genitals to give me a handjob. On 11/19/23, I started having frequent urinations and pain after urin...
On 14 Jan I had my first out break. And was tested PCR from the lesions hsv 1 positive. The lesion is at the anus region. It started to h...
Hi, I have seen many different answers on this community in year 2016. I was wondering what is the conclusion of in year 2024 for herpes ...
I visited a dentist today for my normal checkup. She was not wearing her gloves however didn't put her hand in my mouth as such. She chec...
Had a sexual encounter 1 day ago which was fully protected and lasted a few minutes. A day later now, a 1cm spot on the rim of my penis h...
So I had been sleeping around at the end of last year so i am not sure when exactly contracted whatever I have, but i seem to remember ge...
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