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I had what seemed exactly like a primary outbreak of genital herpes ~7 days after a risky exposure. 3 weeks after the exposure my test r...
Auntiejessi, I just wanted to say thank you so much again for helping me out last year. If you recall, I did test negative for HSV-2 ...
Hi, Appreciate all the help this community provides. I am a 37/m and have been HSV1 positive since a child form oral cold sores. I h...
Hola, hace 1 año me enteré que tuve herpes genital, he tomado tratamiento episodico, es decir, cada que tengo un brote; tomo 1 pastilla d...
Recent first male on male encounter consisting of unprotected oral giving and receiving. never got hard, never ejaculated but went on 10...
Hello, I'm a 29 years old guy, i'm straight and I haven't had sexual intercourse with a woman for more than a year. In november of 202...
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