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So I had been sleeping around at the end of last year so i am not sure when exactly contracted whatever I have, but i seem to remember ge...
I had an STI panel that included HSV1&2 IgG and IgM tests done by a blood draw. My index values came back very high. Almost 300. I’...
The other day I went to Asian massage parlor for a rub and tug. The woman began to lick my anus and give a rimjob for about 2 mins. I was...
Hello. I wanna know more about oral herpes. My girlfriend told me that she has oral herpes. She has no outbreaks for while and she’s on...
Hello everybody, I had a series of unprotected oral sex encounters. During one of the encounters, with a CSW I engaged with about 4 ti...
I had unprotected sex with a female that was pretty rough giving me oral sex. Actually, she was so rough that sometimes while she was doi...
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