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I had protected sex last night with a girl it was late and I didn't check her out properly, and in the morning I noticed black sport all ...
I went to the lab to get tested for HSV2 to find out if I was positive or negative. HSV 1 and 2- Spec AB, IgG w/Rfx HSV1 IgG, Type Sp...
I was diagnosed with GHSV1 recently from a swab test because of an initial outbreak. I’d like to know if it is possible that I also got i...
3 days ago, i have protected penetrative sex with my new girlfriend. Condom broke and I only noticed towards the end. We had both gotten ...
Skin contact only no sex is this outbreak? 3 nights ago I made out with guy I knew and he rubbed his penis across one side of my labi...
I (male) went to a massage parlor 5 days ago. As I was nude on my back she got on too of me and grinded her vagina into my penis but kept...
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