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Skin contact only no sex is this outbreak? 3 nights ago I made out with guy I knew and he rubbed his penis across one side of my labi...
I (male) went to a massage parlor 5 days ago. As I was nude on my back she got on too of me and grinded her vagina into my penis but kept...
About 18 days after receiving unprotected oral from a stranger. My meatus became irritated. I tested neg for gono/clym the doctor did not...
I have symptoms where I have significant pain, cramping,bloating and sometimes nausea during certain times. Often it accompanies my peri...
So to start off, you can find a question/thread that I posted a couple of years ago with my HSV dilemma just to keep it short. Long s...
Is a primary outbreak likely to happen on the scrotum? Singular pimple appeared on the underneath of the scrotum . It didn’t look like a ...
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