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Can these results be a false positive for HSV?

This past year in April, I went in for for a UTI. Decided to get a full STD screen. UTI came back negative for STD's, but HSV1 and 2 came back positive. (HSV1 = over 34.25 IGG, HSV2 = 1.18 IGG). I had recently had sexual contact, but not with anyone I knew to be infected (of course I understand there are dishonest people), as well as I have never had symptoms. So this was life changing for me and freaked out. I waited several months, then went to get retested, assuming I could get more of a positive result. My results were HSV1 over 30 IGG, HSV2 <.91 IGG Negative. Obviously I was very excited that maybe it was a false positive. I assumed that I was negative. Now, in October, I went back in for another UTI. This one turned out to be chlamydia related, although the girl I was currently with told me her results from a month ago came back clean. She went back in after this incident and was tested again, and all tests show negative. However, I decided to get another HSV screen. This time HSV1 = 35 IGG, HSV2 = 1.79 IGG. Again, still no symptoms, and this girl, who I've been with for over a month now, a couple of instances of unprotected contact, has shown no sign or symptoms and tested clean.

I'm so confused and upset and have sworn off sexual contact for the time being. I just would like to know, what is my next step here? Sorry for the trouble, and thank you if you can help me with this. I'm sure you get tons of messages.


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You have been advised to take one more test as the hsv2 false into the false positive range. That is the next step. Once you were negative on the first test you should not have taken it again.
Thank you again for your help. Wanted to see what else people thought too. Still thinking. Thanks.
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There is nothing else to think and theres nothing else to advise. you need to take another test, and when it comes back negative dont take another.
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