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Could you get finger herpes from touching s?omeone who has it

Hello, last night I was paying the cashier and he touched my finger accidentally.
Now the reason why I'm worried is cause his daughter has hep c and a bad reputation about having intercourse so maybe he catched herpes from casual contact with her.
My finger doesn't have a wound but the skin on that finger is peeled (like a layer is missing from dryness; could've been a small wound yesterday but i doubdt it)
Is that a possible way of transmitting it?
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No.  You won't get herpes from touching a cashier's finger.  Not going to happen.  
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Hi, but what if he has herpetic whitlow?
If he has whitlow, he'll have it covered. It's super painful, and oozes, and for his own sake, he'll cover it. You aren't in danger.

You are assuming a LOT here.

His daughter has hep C (assuming that's true). That has nothing to do with herpes. That's private medical information you probably shouldn't know anyway. Her reputation is maybe true, probably isn't. Even if it is (and it's not your business), and even if she has herpes, the only way to get herpes is sexual contact. Her father isn't going to get herpes from her unless they are having inappropriate parent and child sexual contact.

Casual contact doesn't spread herpes. Herpes is spread by direct skin to skin contact. That means direct mouth to mouth contact for oral herpes, or unclothed mouth to genital contact (think oral sex), unclothed genital to genital contact (sex), or unclothed genital to anal contact (anal sex).

Most people who have herpetic whitlow are medical professionals like dentists who have fingers in people's mouths, or people who have cuts on their hands and touch an outbreak, either their own when they are newly infected or someone else's. It's rare.

No STD is spread by casual contact. Be kind to people. They are not infectious like you think they are.

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