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Do I have herpes?

Someone please help me!  I have been having regular protected intercourse and unprotected oral sex with my girlfriend. She told me that she was clean. However recently, I have had an outbreak around my pubic area and inner thighs, as well as some open wounds on my shaft rarely. I have had no other symptoms relating to it. But lately, I've been very active and the area send to be chaffing, and this causes the shaft and area around the head of my penis to slowly ooze liquid. Someone please help because I'm so worried about what's going on.
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Only a swab of the lesions will confirm that these are herpes lesions. I suggest that this happen in any event as other issues such as yeast and bacteria will also be tested for.

In general, there is enough in what you describe to seek a diagnosis and enquire regarding herpes.
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just curious , what was the result? causes?
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