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Do I have hsv2?

So about 27 days ago I had protective sex with a woman I didn't know anything about. It was a one night stand. Right after vaginal sex only my penis started burning, later on that night my penis started to hurt like crazy. The following day I had clear discharge and burning urination. I went with my doctor and he gave me a shot of Ceftriaxone and a 7 day course of doxycycline. The pain and discharge went away for about a week. The following week I noticed my penis gland was dry and rough to the touch. A few days went by and I noticed my skin started peeling, while also having clear discharge. I also have tingling sensation, itching and pain. My doctor gave me antibiotic ointment and it clear the dry peeling skin, also the clear discharge went away. I also had a 10 panel full std test and it came back negative for everything expected hsv1, which I know I have. I'm still having pain in my penis, followed by some burning urination. Not painful urination. I also have a sore throat. Sometimes it's constant and sometimes it's not. I have been seen by 3 different doctors and they say it's not hsv2 but all my symptoms are there. Discomfort in my penis and discomfort in my legs and twitching all over my body. I'm a hypochondriac and I read all the symptoms of genital herpes which made things worse. I started feeling every symptom. Has anyone had the dry, peeling, cracking skin that turn out to be herpes?
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Flaky skin isn't a symptom of HSV-2, and antibiotic cream wouldn't heal any lesions related to HSV, since HSV is a viral infection.  HSV sores would be painful blister-like lesions filled with clear fluid.

If you are concerned, you can get an IgG test 12 weeks after your encounter, but quite honestly, I'd take Terri's advice since she is truly an expert in the field.  
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Ah okay, thank you!
I agree. I'd never disagree with Terri. Flaky skin sounds like a fungus or something like dermatitis, not herpes.
I'm just confused because I did have swollen lymph nodes. And I still have pain in my penis for about 4 weeks now. But no outbreak. I did notice that the skin in my penis is still cracked. But Terri said my symptoms don't seem like herpes at all.
Have you seen a doctor about your current symptoms?

Lymph nodes can be swollen from so many different things, and we are absolutely terrible about knowing when our own lymph nodes are swollen. Most of us don't know what we are feeling.

If you are still having these symptoms, you need to follow up with your doctor. Dry, cracked, flaky skin could be a fungal infection, like jock itch or a yeast infection. It could also be eczema or another form of dermatitis.

Lymph nodes could be inflamed from any of those.

It's not uncommon to get a fungal infection after taking antibiotics. Just follow up with your doctor.
I haven't seen a doctor about my current symptoms. But my lymph nodes swelling went away.

If it was hsv2 would symptoms last weeks?
Terri said that it doesn't seem like herpes. That nothing I have described sounds like it. But I just don't understand why the pain has been going on for weeks now.

I don't know why your penis is still hurting - again, you need to see your doctor.

You talked to Terri Warren, one of the world's leading experts in herpes. Seriously, she's been in on some of the biggest research studies, projects, etc. You got one of the best there is.

No one can tell you why you have penis pain online. You need to see your doctor. We can tell you that it doesn't sound like you have herpes.

Symptoms of many things can last for weeks if untreated. Go see your doctor.
Okay, thank you so much!
You're welcome.
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I forgot to mention that I retested yesterday and it came back negative for hv2. I also talk to Terri from "Westover heights clinic" she said "I do not think that this sounds anything like herpes to me. While someone could have herpes only in the urethra, that would be uncommon since most herpes infection also present with sores on the genitals."

Here are the link to my penis skin flanking: https://m.imgur.com/a/j5Di6uX

After applying antibiotic ointment: https://m.imgur.com/a/YIA7OWt
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