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Exposure for hsv2?

Can someone ***** the risk for transmission of hsv2 in the following scenario?

3 some

Condom used to top one person and then topped myself without using a new condom?

2nd scenario - giving oral sex to a man without a condom on (I normally always use condoom but in 2 cases did not)

I have very very low positive igg and no symptoms, but all encounters have been with condoms except above?

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The Herpes ELISA is reported back as an index value. A value greater than 1.1 is considered positive. False positives have been reported with values less than 3.5. If your value is less than 3.5, you can be tested again with a different test, preferably the Western blot.

Oral sex is pretty safe sex. Not completely risk free but pretty close, especially for the person performing it.

Topped can mean many things, but I am assuming you mean a man had sex with another partner and then had sex with you without changing the condom. There is a theoretical risk of transmitting herpes in this way, but it is probably quite low.
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So my two igg values were 1.26 and then a couple days latter a 1.6.

These above theoretical or very low risk exposures are my only exposures.

No symptoms and healthy.

It seems like the w.b. is hard to get?

Thinking highly likely these are false positives?
Yes, they could be false positives. How long after the exposures did you take the IgG tests?

With WB, you have to have the University of Washington send you the kit, then get your blood drawn by a doctor or lab, and then overnight the specimen back to the university.
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The oral s3x exposure (broke or ripped condom) was three weeks....the other experiences were 1 year plus
I would get the WB done to get confirmation about your IgG results. There is a real possibility that you will continue to stay low positive on IgG test and the only way to sort this out is with the WB. Use the url below to see how to get the WB and the cost. Good luck.

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Thank you so much!
You are welcome.
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