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HSV1 Genital, is it possible to have HSV 2 Genital? PLEASE RESPOND!


I know this question has been asked before but I still don't really understand my situation properly. I was diagnosed with HSV1 genital about a year ago with culture and I recently tested (9/30/13) negative for HSV2 with antibody blood type testing (but obviously positive for HSV1). The last encounter I had was with someone who hasn't had sex with anyone in over 6 years and says he is clean. We only had oral sex and masturbating each other. This happened beginning of October. No genital rubbing occurred. Previously, I had an encounter in the beginning of August, which was the same type of sexual activity. I had a recent genital outbreak (very minor) and it may have even spread to my finger because I've had a blister on there for a week already. My outbreak genitally went away then came back a week or so later (still very minor symptoms).

My questions are:
1. Is there any way this can be type 2, even with the absence of any genital rubbing or intercourse? Or is it just the same type?
2. Why is my herpes outbreak spreading to my hand if I already have antibodies for type 1? (This is why I am worried it could be type 2)
3. Why is my outbreak coming back after a week, after it already went away? Can this happen? I thought type 1 barely recurs. I only had one recurrence in the first year, and now this one into the second year.
4. My insurance is running out this next month, is it an accurate reading for a type specific antibody blood test if I wait 8 weeks past my last encounter (which was the October one that wasn't sexual intercourse or genital to genital contact)?

Thanks and please help!!!
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I'm sorry I don't know. I have never done more than apply topical creams to my cold sores. It is a personal view, but I just let nature take its course as much as possible.

Maybe others have experience with certain remedies?
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Sorry to bother again, I have another concern. I have been trying to figure out why I get uncomfortable feelings below, so I put 5% apple cider vinegar on my genitals and it turned the area white, showing lesion like things...not warty bumps but just flat white spots. After I did this, it made the whole area red and had bleeding spots on the area where the white spots showed up. It burned as well. I am worried now about warts. I could not see anything specific without the vinegar. I am so worried, please help. I had unprotected sex with a boyfriend over 6 months ago who had HPV but not the wart kind. I have also had the gardasil shot and finished it while I was dating that guy.

I know the vinegar test is considered unreliable but why would it turn this area white, and show a bunch of stuff?
Do warts bleed and burn like that after applying vinegar?
Could herpes sores turn white and bleed?
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I agree, I think this is pretty conclusive for me. If I have any more symptoms I'll get tested at a later date but the outbreaks have been in the same location as the primary one and not bad, just minor irritation. Since oral HSV2 isn't very common, I don't think it poses a threat.

Thanks for your timely response, I appreciate it. Will update if need be.
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A very large proportion, around 80% would have seroconverted by now post an infection. A 0.20 result is a low as they get. In theory you need a 16 week test to be conclusive be just be aware that very few people seroconvert from this point.

As above, this is not a surprising outcome. You have no idea whether the partner even had oral HSV2, it sheds 3-5 days a year if he did and you already have a genital infection.

Hence if this is a herpes outbreak, it is HSV1. Make sure you have covered off other possibilities with your doctor, strep/staph etc.
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Hi Fleetwood,

Update: I got my results back for the HerpeSelect Type specific IgG Antibody blood test.

HSV 1: 1.53 (high)
HSV 2: 0.20 (negative)

I also got a culture as my lesions have been around for a while. I know you said to wait 16 weeks but is this reassuring enough? I have been having symptoms for a while now and it hasn't fully resolved. I know that isn't typical of type 1 but it is possible right, since everyone is different?

Again, I took the test 8 weeks past my last encounter which was only oral sex and masturbating each other (which you said poses no risk). So can I be confident this is just my type 1 acting up? Do I need repeat testing?

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No the Valtrex, its use or non use, would no contribute to an outbreak.

There is almost no way HSV2 is involved here. I don't even believe you need to test for it as a result of the episode you describe.

If you want that clarity, then the soonest way is to ask the partner to test and a negative there is negative for you. Beyond that then only a 16 week blood test will be conclusive for a negative. Swabbing new sores may catch a positive, but you'll need it properly typed.
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Thanks again for the response.

I have been treating my outbreak since I first started to feel it, which was about 5-6 days ago and it still hasn't gone away. I am more concerned now because in the past, it has gone away quickly. I am wondering, I started taking valtrex for the first outbreak I had which was on Nov 1st and then stopped after about 4 or 5 days, the outbreak went away. Then I started taking it again for the thing on my finger on the 15th of November then stopped taking it 4 or 5 days later. Then I had this most recent genital outbreak on the 19th, which is still present. Could I have caused this outbreak because of my inconsistent use of valtrex?

I still don't see a logical reason to worry about HSV 2 because I haven't had intercourse since September and the last encounter I had was in October, which was only oral sex. But, how long would HSV 2 take to show up if I already have HSV 1 genitally? I don't want to keep freaking out until four months post exposure, that would kill me.

Hope to clear this confusion out, thanks a lot.
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It is estimated that about half of people with genital HSV1 experience only an initial outbreak and then nothing more. The remainder experience outbreaks of some frequency averaging perhaps annually. Hence what you describe is not uncommon for HSV1.

Your pic doesn't look at all herpetic for your finger to me. HSV2 does not travel to other body locations  very well. If it is a heroes lesion, most unlikely, the it will much more likely be HSV1 which us a better traveller to other locations.

The antibody result is not necessarily indicative of the amount or effectiveness of your antibodies in the body, especially for HSV1.

Touching genitals then another is a very ineffective way to transfer herpes and chances are extremely small.

A 16 week test in your case is required to be sure of the negative.
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Thanks for the reply.

I agree and I think it would be extremely weird if I had gotten type 2 from the encounters and wouldn't even think about it had I not had a weird past month. I had an outbreak on around the 2nd of November and then it went away, came back a few days ago. Plus, the bump on my finger is worrisome. I guess I just feel like people are always saying type 1 doesn't come back often and this triggered my worries about type 2. You say it provides immunity, so it isn't very often that a person has both genital conditions (1 and 2) simultaneously, correct? I do have a low antibody count for type 1, at around 1.4. Does this affect my immunity?

I have gone to the doctor and she said she didn't want to swab my finger given the high chance of false negative. Plus, there wasn't much to swab at the time to get a good reading. It has lasted about a week, just a single bump that I'm trying to get rid of. I just hear that you can't get it on other body parts after having antibodies so that's why I was wondering if it could be type 2. There is no risk for type 2 if the person I'm with touches their genitals and touches mine after (given they are positive for it), correct? All I can do is take the blood test at this point and I'm hoping 8 weeks post my last encounter of any sort would be trustworthy. What do you think?

Here is my post with a picture of my finger. Does it look like hsv?

Thanks again for all the help!
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A few thoughts on your questions.

1. I just don't see how it is at all possible that HSV2 is involved here. Oral HSV2 is incredibly rare and doesn't shed at all often. Plus you already have a genital infection that is as close to having immunity as you'll get. This is a HSV1 outbreak.
2. I wouldn't be convinced that the hand blister is HSV1. Obtain a swab to be sure if you can.
3. Yes you can, particularly if you're stressed out. It is true that HSV1 has a lower outbreak frequency than HSV2 but a proportion of people still experience outbreaks of 1 or 2 a year even with HSV1.
4. Take what you can in that case, but it will be negative for HSV2 from the episodes you describe.

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