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HSV1 outbreak with almost no pain or itching?

1.5 years ago I had my first genital hsv1 outbreak which the doctor confirmed with a swab. Now, there are 2 small sores that definitely look like herpes sores on my right labia. However, there is no pain or itching. I have valtrex to take as needed but I haven't felt I need to. I feel very aware of bumps, but that may be just because I'm worrying over this area so much. Is it possible that this an HSV1 outbreak?

All the site I've visited stress how painful and itchy genital herpes sores so I'm getting worried it might be something else even though the sores look exactly like they did when I had my first outbreak (except then the pain was excruciating and there probably about 7 sores all together).

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Most HSV lesions are painful and may itch. But there are plenty of exceptions. If this is otherwise typical for your past outbreaks, that's probably what you have.
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For any and all herpes lesions -- type 1 or 2, anywhere on the body, initial versus recurrent outbreak -- itching or pain usually happens but not always. Some sores are not noticed because they are not itchy or painful.
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