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HSV2 IGG and was at a 2.55 positive, should I retest with westernBlot?

Recently got tested for HSV 2 with “ Quest Diagnostics HSV 2 IGG , Type specific AB” and it came back positive at 2.55 , should I get the Western Blot test from the University of Washington ? Could this be a false positive? Never had symptoms or outbreaks.
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It absolutely could be a false positive. How long has it been since your most recent possible exposure? It's possible that it's a recent infection, and your number could be rising if it's a new infection, but if that's not possible, then definitely get the WB test.

Anything under a 3.5 (and sometimes over) can be a possible false positive, and needs to be confirmed with a WB.

Why did you test?

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Got a Blowjob from a woman that claimed to have had a recent gynecologist check up and was negative for everything , a week later asks me if I had been recently tested “which I had “ but not for HSV2 I’m assuming . Any how she described painful urinating “ never had sex with her she just gave me oral” so I went sooner than usually and got my yearly testing and I saw the HSV 1&2 was optional so I added the test to the package.     The Doctor told me it could be a false positive as well and for me to get tested again , it could be recent or old but I definitely should get a confirmation test.
Her painful urination has nothing to do with her giving you a blowjob. Anything she'd get from you would be oral since she gave you oral sex. STD symptoms stay at the site of exposure - if you give a blowjob, it's an oral infection. If you receive a blowjob and get something, you get genital symptoms, etc.

She may have had a urinary tract infection, or maybe an STD from someone else, but it had nothing to do with you.

You have a fantastic doctor if they recognized it could be a false positive. Most don't know that. It's at least a 50/50 chance of it being a false positive, maybe more.

If she only gave you oral sex, you didn't get hsv2 from her. You could get hsv1 genitally from receiving oral sex, if you don't already have oral hsv1, but you don't get hsv2. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location.

Ending results : confirmation test came back negative .  no HSV2 or hsv1 .
Before confirmation doc ordered a test from lap Corp  and it came back
HSV1 :2.11& hsv2: 2.11
Congrats! Thanks for the update, and I'm happy for you. :)
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