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HSV2 Positive (ELISA), Negative (Biokit)

So confused.

This story just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Last month, while being treated for endometrial polyps, my wife (of 25 years) was given a precautionary blood test for STDs.

She turned up positive for HSV2 by the HerpeSelect ELISA. Her IgG index was 2.21.

Her doctor advised that I be tested as well. I turned up negative (by the same test), my IgG index was 0.16.

After some research, we became aware of the significant false positive results the test can produce when based on low positive predictor values of IgG. The official test cut-off for positive results is IgG index of 1.1. There is much evidence that this index should be raised to 3.5.

We reapproached he doctor and explained our findings. The doctor was completely unaware of the false positive results associated with low-positive IgG indexes, but she did order the test repeated with reflex testing by Biokit HSV2 Rapid Assay if the HerpeSelect ELISA was positive again.

And as with the original ELISA test, the second HerpeSelect ELISA was positive as well. So, the BioKit HSV2 Rapid Assay was performed and it came back NEGATIVE.

So here we are...we have TWO POSITIVE ELISAs and ONE NEGATIVE Rapid Assay.

So which is it? Her doctor said she is negative, but based on the doctors apparent ignorance of false positives, test sensitivities ans specificities, I don't have much confidence in her ability to truly divine + from -. She an OB/Gyn, not a virologist.

Should we repeat the Rapid Assay? Should we pursue a Western Blot?

Any advice will be sincerely appreciated.


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Hi the second test elsa was a waist of money as with false positive retests you must use a different test. The biokit is very good as is hsv2 specific. i would say shes negative but there is one issue. You took the test too early, usually you should wait at least 2 months for retesting and i would recommend the WB to put this issue to rest.
By the way congradulations on your knowledge of false positive issues. Many people including doctors are not up to date on herpes in general.
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May I add a potentially controversial thought.

Does it matter if your wife has HSV2 or not? Would you want anything to change in your life?

One option is is just to forget everything related to genital HSV, never test again and live life as intended for man and wife.
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This has just given me hope. I too have had 2 low positive, consecutive ELISA HSV-2 antibody tests. Hw did you get the BioKit HSV2 Rapid Assay? Was it through your health care provider?
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