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HSV2 confusion

I had 3 sexual partners as to date. My last partner was the only unprotected sexual encounter that I've experienced. I've always had routine STD checks before and after each partner just to make sure everything is ok. Before my last partner, I was negative for all my STD/I workup. After my last partner and I broke up, I tested postitive for HSV2 IgG 1.38 in July. I spoke with my partner and he tested positive for HSV1 and negative for 2. I retested my IgG HSV equivocal 1.02. I'm confused now on how I am positive then equivocal doe hsv2 within a 4month period while my only unprotected sexual partner was negative for hsv2. I've never experienced an outbreak or noticed any sores/open lesions in my gential area. Do I have hsv2? Is there something wrong with LabCorp? Is it possible for a HSV1+ partner to transfer his hsv1 to my gential area, causing hsv2? Please help! I understand that both strands are similar but can 1 become 2? Am I testing false/low positives for the virus? I've never seen results for HSV1 on my records so I'm assuming I've not been tested for it. Please help, very confused about serum levels of my results.
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Hi, testing twice in the questionable positive range would require a third for confirmation. The best test for this is the Western Blot. I would suggest this before making any conclusions. Low positives mean either a false positive or a recent infection.
Hsv2 cannot turn into hsv1.
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Thanks you for the reply. I'm having my 3rd blood test next month as a follow up to see what's going on with my questionable positive range. I think it's odd that my only unprotected sexual partner tested negative for HSV2, positive HSV1 while I have questionable HSV2. Depending on the result of my next blood test, I will go through with the Western Blot test as the definitive diagnosis. I was with my last partner from Jan-June. My clean STD workup was clear in Feb. My positive HSV2 result was in July and my equivocal HSV2 result was in Nov. I assumed that whatever exposure I had to HSV2 was from after my Feb testing and since then, I had the same partner who is HSV2 negative. Hence, why would my results be positive? Is the IgG serum test reliable for detecting HSV antibodies? Will a +HSV1 cause abnormal levels of HSV2? I have never seen results for HSV1 so I will ask my OBGYN to test me for both 1 and 2. I was reading up that the different between HSV 1 and 2 are the areas of infection, so I assumed that an +HSV1 person giving oral intercourse in the gential region can cause HSV2.
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HSV 1 and 2 are distinct viruses. They both can theoretically infect any nerve ganglion of your body. They cannot morph into the other and they are not defined by their location.

The 'positive' index of 1.1 is very low for this sensitive test. You are almost certainly negative for HSV2 and further testing will show this.
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