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HSV2 type-specific IGG AB results

Hello! I recently asked for an STD test for everything and got results back today that indicated an "equivocal" value of 1.05.  What does this mean? Was I recently exposed? Should I get retested? If so, when?  I know that I'm positive for HSV1 - could this affect test results? Do I need to make calls to past partners to inform them of my status?
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This is a low result and 'equivocal' is given to much credence by the manufacturer. The vast majority of such figures are negative. Having HSV1 does increase the chances of an elevated HSV2 outcome.

Unless you have had genital symptoms, I would think you can safely ignore this result completely. For your peace of mind, you can retest say 4 weeks plus and see if a negative results.
If the results are the same or similar, what can/should I assume? Are you a doctor?
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No doctors typically on these community forums.

No conclusion could be reached if the result is a low positive for HSV2. Negative would be negative however.

If a a low positive results, then a Westernblot test could be contemplated.
If the result becomes definitively positive, would that be reason for me to believe that the infection was recent (within the last few months)? Or is there no way to accurately predict the timing of infection by using changes in IgG levels?
Also, I'm not sure this is of relevance, but my HSV1 infection is definitely genital, confirmed by swab and blood work.  Is it possible to have both GHSV1 and GHSV2?
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It is possible to have hsv1 and 2 genital infections. Don't worry about the equivocal 1.05. Like fleetwood20 said retest in a month or so and see where it goes from there. How long was the test from your last sexual exposure?
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I've had two partners in the last 8 months. I stopped having sex with the first partner about three months ago and began having des with the second partner shortly after.
Typo: des should be sex
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