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Herpes IGM & IGG Test Result

Hello everyone,

I got tested for Herpes (Type 1 & 2). Below is my test result:

HSV 1 IGG(Oral Herpes): Positive
HSV 2 IGG (Genital Herpes): Negative
IGM: Equivocal

I knew I had oral herpes since 2017 and I always got tested negative for genital herpes (IGG). I've never done IGM until now.  
I am not sure what equivocal means. I got tested 2-3 since my last sex and I knew my last sexual partner was negative as well because I got tested twice during our relationship.
Should I be worried about IGM equivocal test result? My gyno said she thinks IGM came out equivocal because of oral herpes flared up or something. I am honestly worried about if I have genital herpes and I should get re-tested.
Also, my herpes test came back sooo late compared to my other ones because apparently the lab forgot to send IGM result so my doctor asked to send it again so I am unsure whether if the test was even done properly at the lab.

What do you guys think? Should I be worried? I heard IGM test is not very accurate but I wasn't sure.

*I've been testing regularly since 2017 and always got negative result for herpes IGG. This was my first time doing IGM test.
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You should absolutely not worry about the IgM, and ignore it completely.

The IgM test is unreliable, and shouldn't have been done in the first place. The CDC and every herpes expert agrees that the test shouldn't be done.

Your IgG is negative for hsv2, and that's all you need to know. :)
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