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Herpes and HIV Transmission

Does anyone know of any confirmed cases of an individual who got oral sex (blowjob) from an HIV positive person with oral herpes, who may have infected that individual with oral herpes (and also with HIV at the same time)?  I know that several sites indicate a slight or higher risk for HIV being passed with herpes, but I am trying to see if anyone in this forum is aware of anyone who may have been co-infected this way?  I've read a lot about saliva inhibiting the HIV, but I am stressing and just wanted to check if that saliva plays a role in stopping HIV when herpes is passed from an HIV positive person to a HIV negative person.  The Moderator assured me that I should stop worrying, but I am struggling to get past this worry.
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You asked this question in HIV and this forum is for herpes questions. Testing positive for HSV 1 is no big deal, really. And as was explained to you in your other thread, Receiving oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV and therefore, a 'co-infection' of hsv and hiv would be impossible if you never had a risk in the first place for HIV. You could have had hsv 1 prior to your encounter like 80 percent of the population does. But your continued concerns about getting hiv from receiving oral sex are unfounded. You won't. However, are you asking about getting hsv1 genitally? That's possible. ut assume since you mentioned testing, this has been ruled out.
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The most recent test indicated HSV-1 with a high reading of 12.0 for HSV-1 igG, which I believed indicated a recent infection.  But in any case, I have never had any blisters or scabs or burning or other symptoms on my penis.  But after the blowjob 6-7 weeks ago, I have felt something that felt almost like a slight pin prick type of itch periodically on the left side of my penis (top left), and also sometimes felt the pin prick on the circumsized shaft where the skin rolls up when I am sitting.  Sorry for the odd description.  So I have read about HSV-1 sometimes displaying as micro level on the penis, and I am trying to confirm if these symptoms really are HSV-1.    These pin pricks occur mostly only when sitting, several times during the day, EVERY day for the past 6-7 weeks.    I don't see anything when I look at the penis where I feel the pin prick itch.  Does this sound like HSV-1 symptoms on the penis?    Over the years,  I don't specifically remember having herpes outbreaks on my lips or mouth,  but may have had what could have been an oral herpes outbreak on my lips and mouth, but it was rare over the years growing up.  Never had a previous herpes test.  Thanks
Actually, given that your hsv1 test result was so high, it's probably an old infection, not a new one. It's also probably an oral infection, though the blood test can't tell you where you are infected, just that you are.

I don't know what you might have had on your mouth that might have been oral herpes outbreaks, but oral herpes outbreaks can be rare.

Take a big deep breath, and try to relax. Pinpricks are probably anxiety, or a hyper-awareness of the area since you are so worried. Herpes can cause nerve sensations, but those would accompany or follow an outbreak.

Your HIV risks have already been addressed on the HIV forum, but if you don't have genital hsv, you don't have an increased risk of HIV.

Thanks.  I guess I thought that the high number on the HSV-1 test result was indicative of a recent infection, and not an old one.  You believe it may actually be indicative of an older one?    I had something on my upper lip that  felt like I may have bit my lip at the time,  I don’t think it was blisters and there was no scabbing.  It went away and healed after a few days of Vaseline.  Guess I’m nervous as I’m trying to rule out HSV-1 on my penis, but these daily slight pin pricks when sitting are constant reminders of my stress.  
A newer infection would give you numbers lower, and established infections give you higher numbers, typically.

If you had nerve pain from hsv1, you wouldn't just feel it when you were sitting. You also wouldn't feel it without an outbreak. There is something called prodrome, which is a warning sign that an outbreak is coming. That lasts 2 days, tops. If an outbreak doesn't appear, it's not prodrome.

Other nerve pain has to have an outbreak associated with it - that's how the nerve pain starts. There's a lot of myths about herpes and nerve sensations and whatnot, but it's not all that mysterious.

Chances are excellent that you have oral hsv1, along with millions and millions of others. I'm not sure why this encounter has thrown you emotionally, but you can move beyond it now.  

Thanks.  I've had the mild pin pricks for almost 7 weeks now, with no outbreaks, no blisters, or sores, and nothing that is actually visible.  Very odd.  I'll take a deep breath and will try to relax.  Sounds like your feedback in summary to me is that these ongoing (7 weeks) symptoms are not typical of HSV-1 in the genital area, particularly without ever having had any outbreaks at all in the genital area?  Just wanted to confirm.  Thanks
Yes, that is what I've said. I can't say it any other way.

You wouldn't test positive with a 12.0 IgG that fast, and I don't know how else to say it so that you'll understand you didn't get hsv1 from this encounter.

I don't know if you are concerned because you went outside of a regular relationship or just have anxiety, but you are fine. Really. You didn't get hsv1 or HIV from this. If you are having a hard time letting it go, talk to your doctor and to a therapist about anxiety. I say that only with compassion, not judgement.

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