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Herpes scar question

I am going to describe in detail my situation.

I had a herpes out break. Starting roughly two weeks ago. I was taking Valdez the whole time.

It eventually started to scab. 6 days ago, in the shower, when it had already been scanned for a few days, I put a little bit of moisturizer on the scab, washed it, and the scab came right off.

It has been six days and ever since it has left a big raised pink mark where herpes legion used to be. The pink mark has still not gone away. My questions are

1) is there area still contagious to other to get herpes?

2) if I have unprotected sex in my current condition, am I at increased risk of contracting hiv and other STDs as I would be when I have an open herpes sore?

3) the area is very pink and noticeable. Will it ever return back to looking 100% normal or is it a scar?

I have attached a picture. Please notice the pink spot on my penis. Thank you
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this is just normal healing skin. Give it some more time. It is not an active herpes lesion at this point.

also we don't look at photos here. It's not the purpose of the forum.
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Am I at increased risk of contracting stds with this?
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Please somebody help me. Please

If I have unprotected sex, and get aids because of this, It's ALL YOUR FAULTS.
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No, it will not be anyone here's fault. You need to take responsibility for your own body and actions.

No one should have unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status you are unaware of. This is not a matter to threaten with or joke about.

Protected sex results in as near zero risk for STD transmission as you can get.
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You didn't answer the question.

You only restated what everyone online says.

That's no helpful. You're not helping anyone. I need someone to answer the questions please.

I know unprotected sex is risky. My question is will have this weird pink s*** on my penis make it MORE risky?
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Somebody please help me. Please. Answer the questions.

Will this ever go away

It has been like this for two weeks now. Hasn't changed at all. I think it is permanently like this
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