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Herpes test confusion.


I need some answers. 10 days ago I had protected sex. I got a rash and red sores on my vagina that look they’re crusting and I have severe genital burning. it started around 2 days after the exposure. The doctors took a swab of what they thought was a lesion, but these sores now look like the real lesions with the virus. They took blood around 7 days and the results came back Igg - 0,1.

I know it is too early for all the antibodies to have formed, but I would like an indication of what it could be one week after exposure? And will the swab be accurate if it was taken from the wrong place?

My new lesions really look like herpes infection, so I have to accept that, but I would like a proper diagnosis. I am going for a swab test tomorrow again but have to wait 3 weeks for the results.
I’m very stressed, please help.
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3 weeks for results? That seems like a long time.

If they didn't culture an actual sore, then the results may not be accurate.

Did your doctor suspect herpes? Did they give you any antivirals, like Valtrex or acyclovir? It sounds like herpes is a good possibility, and treating it as if it is won't hurt you, so they should give you something to help.

In the meantime, for your swab tomorrow, don't put anything on it until after the swab. Ask them do to a PCR swab, which is the most sensitive. If for some reason they can't do a PCR swab (and they can, but may not know it), make sure they do a type specific culture.

You can use an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas in the meantime to help with the pain and burning, and if it burns when you urinate, get a squirty water bottle and squirt water over you as you pee. Be sure to drink lots of water, as that will dilute the acid in your urine, and that's what causes the burning.

After you get your swab done, you can use a topical pain reliever. Ask if your doctor will prescribe a lidocaine gel. If they won't, you can use any over the counter pain reliever ending in 'caine. A good one is Dermoplast, but make sure you get the one with a blue cap, not a red one, as the red one has antibiotics in it that you don't want to spray on your genitals.

There is no structure on what your IgG would be at this time. It is different for everyone. At this point, yours could be a 0.1, and mine be a 0.7, and both be totally normal, and not mean a thing except we haven't developed antibodies yet.

You might want to read the herpes handbook - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/ It's free, and written by one of the world's leading experts. It's got some great info on testing that will help you before tomorrow. The rest you can read later.

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Thank you for the answer, it was very helpful. Appreciate it.

The dr diagnosed me with genital herpes after the physical exam, but my sores had already crusted and he didn’t take a swab.

I am waiting for the blood results that will indicate whether it is an hsv 2 infection.

I have a question - my sores were all only on my pubic area (skin above the vagina and looked like razor cuts, about 5 sores max). I am trying to work out whether it could be hsv 1 or 2 based on the area of the sores? We used a condom and there was no sign of any breaks - there was no oral contact also - there was vaginal contact with his saliva however, which could be infection from hsv 1 rather than hsv 2? The skin to skin contact was minimal so I dont understand how it could be hsv 2, but based on the area of the sores, was it caused by skin to skin contact? Does an outbreak occur at the point of contact? I’m hoping the hsv 2 results are negative and that it is a milder hsv 1 infection. Thank you!

See, this is why testing so important and a visual diagnosis doesn't work.

Has your partner tested? He needs to test to see if he has either type, and that can help speed this up for you, possibly.

You would most likely have an outbreak at the point of infection, but that's not a definite. If I'm understanding you correctly, you have the sores on your mons pubis (the area over your pubic bone)? This is an uncommon site for outbreaks. Most occur on or near the labia if infected through vaginal sex.

If he performed oral sex on you, then you could have genital hsv1. Was your IgG test type specific? Did you get a result for hsv1?

If it's strictly in your pubic hair area, you could have a bad case of folliculitis, which is infected hair follicles, and may need an antibiotic.

Since he diagnosed you with herpes, did he give you valtrex or acyclovir? Are you taking it if he gave it to you?

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