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Herpes whitlow

My stepfather had shingles that attacked near his eye affecting his sight. I went to help my mother after he had been on IVs for 5 days and continued on them while I was there. About five days after my visit my mother called to inform me she had herpes whitlow. I am on immune suppressent medication for autoimmune diseases. Biological as well as methotrexate. My question is since she had not broken out yet and my stepfathers lesions were scabed over do I risk a chance of developing it? As far as the shingles I had a mild case of chicken pox as a child.
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I'm sure you are fine. You need to come into contact for these viruses to spread.

It would be unusual to see a case of whitlow. Where was it and how diagnosed?
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The Herpetic Whitlow developed on my mothers left thumb and was diagnosed with a biopsy done by her primary care physician.
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You mean a culture of PCR test on a swab. A visual diagnosis of a punch biopsy is not accurate for a specific HSV diagnosis.

Shingles and HSV1 are entirely different viruses.

Unless you had direct rubbing to a herpes lesion, you would not contract HSV1.
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