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IGG Test HSV1 & 2 Confusion

I was exposed to HSV 2 in 2014 I got a STD panel and it came back with a result for HSV 1 (>5.00) (Positive for HSV 1) which I knew I had. HSV 2 was 0.22 (negative). I thought I was fine so I didn't worry about it. My friend recently said you could non-symptomatic so it freaked me out and so I got tested on 9/27/2022 and it came back 0.98 (equivocal) for HSV 2 and HSV1- 41.80(positive). The index Quest uses shows:

1.09 Positive

The number increased. Am I positive for HSV2? I'm super confused. I've never had any symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You can be asymptomatic, but your test isn't positive. A positive is 1.10, which yes, is really close.

The thing is, though, is that any test between a 1.1 and 3.5 can be a false positive, especially with no symptoms.

What was your exposure in 2014, and how long after your exposure did you test?

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It was three weeks after exposure.
Yeah, okay that was too soon to get a conclusive result.

Did you have unprotected sex? Oral sex? How do you know you had an hsv2 exposure?
Had sex with someone I didn’t realize had HSV 2
It was 8 years since my first STD Panel and current one
I meant the 3 weeks from the original exposure to the first test - that wasn't conclusive.

When you had sex, did you use a condom? How do you know they had hsv2?

I'm asking because there is a test you can take called the Western Blot. It's expensive, though, and only easily available in the US. Your insurance may pay for it if you can get your doctor to order it, but if you had protected sex, I'd tell you not to worry about it.

You can do another IgG test and see what that says first. Your index value is really, really low - on the edge of equivocal and positive, and has at least a 90% chance of being a false positive.

Up to you what you do next.
Three weeks after first exposure having unprotected sex I took a test. They told me they had HSV2 but it wasn’t active. When the test came back 0.22 I thought it was okay. I waited 8 years to take another STD test and it came back 0.98 so I was confused about the results.
Wouldn’t it have shown something conclusive Since my last std panel?
If your result was below a .90 or above a 3.5, I'd say it was conclusive. However, it falls into a range that isn't considered conclusive.

I think taking another test is a good start.
Ok that’s what I’m going to do. Thank you
Let me know what happens. :)
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The index cut off on my question. It's 1.09 positive.
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