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Im afraid i might of caught an STD after unprotected sex.

I had oral and vaginal sex on February 26/2018 which started off with a condom for both, however sometime during the vaginal intercourse the condom came off, i was on top and intoxicated and can't say exactly at what point it occurred. The next morning(roughly 6 hrs later) i noticed a red dot on the top left side of my penis gland.
2 days later i had another dot on the right side. On March 3rd i noticed that my meatus started to become red and slightly swollen, more so the next day on March 4th. The red dots have increased to roughly 10, closer to the top of the penis. (I am uncircumcised.) I went to the doctor on March 5th who looked at me and said that he didnt think it was Herpes which is what i assumed. I did a blood test and a urine test, the urine test came back negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, however i am still anxiously awaiting my blood work results. I know that the blood work will not be conclusive at this time, but what are the chances that I have caught something through this exposure?
The doctor prescribed me ratio-Nystatin topical cream, which i have been using for 2 days now, applying it to the inside of the penis head, 3 times/day.
The red dots have not gotten bigger or developed puss or scaring. They are underneath the skin. The meatus is still red and slightly swollen, although i do think the swelling has gone down slightly.
I would strongly appreciate a response.
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Herpes lesions are water blisters that form on top of the skin that eventually pop and create a ulcer like sore.

The fact that your marks are under the skin and haven't ulcerated shows that they aren't herpetic.

My guess is that they are friction marks
Thank you for answering my post. It's been 9 days since my sexual encounter, and the red marks appeared around day 4, with the first red one less than a day afterwards. Would they turn into lesions by now if it was herpes? Or could it take a while longer?
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They would have formed by now
Thanks for continuing to answer my questions. Im on day 10 today and have been having diarrhea the last 3 days, i’ve read that diarrhea is not a symptom of herpes, could it be something else that is attacking my system so fast?
My doctor said it was a yeast infection, but although i am uncircumsised i like to think i am hygenic. Would appreciate your response. Thank you
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It's stress/anxiety giving you the runs. I had the same thing. Look it up. It's really common
Ive read some of your stuff about your past experiences on this website. Did you end up being negative in the end/ now?
My stress and anxiety have been the highest ive ever experienced in my life. The last 10 days have been hell, not knowing and questioning everything. There is way too much information on this website alone that suggests different things.
Appreciate you getting back to me
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I tested negative multiple times at 5,14,25 and 30 weeks. I have never had an outbreak. I believe I am negative. Stress is a very powerful force.
First of all id like to thank you again for answering my questions. Your answers have definitely been bringing a calm to my mind. I'd like to ask you one last question, before i stop bugging you. In your opinion, if i'd never tested positive for herpes, HSV-1 or 2 and never had any symptoms would my body definitely produce lesions since i didnt have the antibodies produced in my body to fight them off?
Also, many forums state that after a 3 month period an igg blood test is 100% accurate, what was your reasoning for getting tested again after 30 weeks?
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It was paranoia. I read that it sometimes takes people up to 6 months to form antibodies. But that is rare.  People with antibodies still get lesions. It's different for everyone. There really isn't a rule of thumb when/who is going to get lesions or how often
Thank you. Wishing you the best of health
You are very welcome. I know what you are going through. Believe me.
I definitely believe you. If you've been answering my questions as a way to give back for someone who has done the same for you, you have definitely helped me in dealing with this extremely stressful time in my life. I am constantly telling myself to stop reading about it, but i can't seem to help myself. And the more i read the worst it gets. Thank you once again.
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