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Is swollen lymph nodes a sign of recurrent genital hsv1?

I have had Ghsv1 for almost a year now , my first outbreak included swollen lymph nodes on each side of my groin and blisters/ulcers . Yesterday I had sec with my boyfriend (very rough) and I woke up with lymph nodes on my groin again . On each side . Could this be a symptom of my recurring Genital Hsv1? I don’t have any blisters at this time .
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It could be. It could also be a reaction to the rough sex, and your body dealing with the irritation and trauma from it. It could also be sore muscles from the sex.

Honestly, only time will tell if this is going to be an outbreak or not. Usually, recurrences are not nearly as bad as your first outbreaks, so even if you do have some swollen glands, the rest won't be nearly as bad.
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the outbreak wasn’t even half as bad as the first one , I didn’t even have any bumps . I only had a open cut near my anus . I was more concerned about the lymph nodes
You might get them with recurrences. Some do, some don't. It may be harder for you to determine what's normal for you since ghsv1 doesn't recur as frequently as ghsv2. The time to be concerned about swollen lymph nodes is if they don't go back to normal when you start to feel better.

I'm glad this one wasn't nearly as bad as the first one. Future ones won't be either. :)
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