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Low positive igg twice!!!

First, on june,14,2018 i noticed a rash on glans and penile discharge. I went to get checked up by dr. And she said it didnt look like herpes so no need for me to worry, she also did a standard std screening and came out negative for everything except chlamydia. She prescribed some medication and i took it as prescribed. Also 11 weeks later i took an igg test and test positive for hsv2 at 1.31 and hsv negative at .12 after a month i test again and i tested positive again for hsv2 at 1.44 and hsv1 at .16, both my scores increased? My question is should i still consider taking the western blot test? And also do i now have hsv1 and hsv2 since both scores increased?
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It's not possible to say whether you have hsv2 based on your results. I'm assuming you have not experienced any obvious symptoms, i.e. blisters lesions and sores. You have low positive results, and if I were in your shoes, I would definitely take a different test to confirm or refute the IgG results. I would go straight to getting the Western Blot performed to be most certain.
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So what does the number change indicate on my igg scores?
The scores can just jump around. If you took another test, it could be lower or higher. I would not recommend taking another IgG test. You need confirmatory testing.
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