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Need help understanding results

So I been tested for HSV 1 & 2, I’m not currently showing symptoms and have experienced any ever. But my text results came back positive and I’m trying to understand the numbers.

HSV 1 & 2 IGM AB is 1.22 (showing a positive red)

HSV 1 & 2 IGG AB is 8.78 (not showing any red)

So I’m confused, scared and have been panicking and trying to figure out what to do, if I need to retest or if I am in fact positive.

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I have no idea what the red would be for, except to highlight it, but ignore the IgM. It's an unreliable test and shouldn't be used.

The IgG test you got only tells you that you have HSV1, OR HSV2, OR both. This could only mean that you have oral hsv1, and have had it for years, like so many other people.

You need to get a type specific IgG test.

Did a doctor order this or did you get this done on a website? I'd recommend a retest, and get a type specific IgG test. If you are getting it off a website, I'll list some below.

https://www.stdcheck.com/herpes-1-test.php - can test for just hsv1 or hsv2, or both

https://www.letsgetchecked.com/home-herpes-test/ - must test for hsv1 and hsv2

https://www.healthlabs.com/herpes-tests - can nest for just hsv1 or hsv2, or both

https://www.ultalabtests.com/partners/ultdirect/testing/categories/std/herpes - can nest for just hsv1 or hsv2, or both - do not get the IgM test

All the sites run specials at different times. Google for coupon codes, too.

Don't panic. No matter what happens, you'll be okay.
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My obgyn ordered the test for me and it shows two separate results. The HSV 1&2 IGM and it says 1.22 above high normal and the IGG 8.78 and doesn’t say high/normal/positive or negative. The box is blank.
You need separate IgG tests for Hsv1 and Hsv2. I don't know why the box is blank - you'd have to ask the lab, but it doesn't matter. The test doesn't tell you what you need to know.

The range for positive for the IgG is above 1.10, though there are false positives, but that doesn't matter yet. Just find out if you have hsv2. The test you took doesn't tell you that.

Have you talked to your doctor yet, or have you just seen your results in the portal?

Have your doctor order a type specific IgG herpes test, not the combination test. The non-specific type-common test doesn't tell you enough. Be prepared to educate your doctor on this. Many doctors don't understand this, even gynecologists.

Show your doctor this:


There is a whole section on type specific tests. If your doctor is diagnosing and treating STDs, he/she should be familiar with the CDC STD Treatment Guidelines, and be following them.

Yes I did talk to her she just said I was positive for HSV. I asked about the Western Bolt and she said I would only need that test for HIV and mine came back negative. I’m just confused why the 1.2 IGM was positive but the 8.78 IGG doesn’t show a positive.
Your doctor is very confused. There is a Western Blot for HIV, but it isn't used any longer typically. (She really needs to update her knowledge - it's been quite a few years since that was changed.)

I can't tell you why the IgG doesn't show as positive - it's clearly a positive result. You just don't know which one you are positive for, or if you are positive for both.

Perhaps you need a new gyno. Yours is not current and should be.

You should read the Herpes Handbook. It's written by Terri Warren, one of the world's leading herpes experts. It's free and you can read it on any device.


She explains testing, the IgM vs IgG, the WB and type specific and why it's important. That's way more important than whether or not it was marked positive.

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