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Ocular herpes ?

I am a female that was diagnosed with genital HSV1 5 years ago . After my initial breakout I haven’t experienced anymore . I was getting fingered by my partner . A minute later I noticed her touched his eyes . should I be worried that he might get Ocular herpes  ? No outbreak present .
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So I shouldn’t be worried about him touching his eyes right afterward ?
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Nope, not even a little. :)
Thank you for replying back.  From you knowledge have you ever seen anyone get HSV1 in their eyes from someone touching someone’s else’s  genitals and right after wards touching their eye ?

Why do you thinks it’s unlikely this happened? Besides me shedding 4 days out of the year ?
I have never seen it.

Most people with ocular herpes get it because oral hsv1 travels up the trigeminal nerve and affects the eye. It's also uncommon - only about 20,000 new cases of ocular herpes are diagnosed each year in the US.

Also, we know that hands don't transmit STDs. Too much is involved - movement, exposure to air, time, etc.

You didn't have an outbreak, and you probably weren't shedding. Even if hands transmitted STDs, there wouldn't be any virus present to transmit. Even if you were shedding, we don't know how much virus it takes to transmit, and without an outbreak present, if that's enough to transmit.

You also don't know if this person already has hsv1 orally. About half the adult population does, and 90% never get any symptoms. If they do, they can't get it again.

So yeah, this didn't happen. I've never seen it happen, or heard of it happening. I don't know how else to say it.
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At 5 years, you are probably shedding 4 days a year. Chances of you shedding on that particular day are very slim.

Also, about half the adult population has oral hsv1, so chances are pretty good that he already has hsv2 antibodies, which would protect him from getting it again.

Fingering isn't an efficient way of transmitting any STD, and is considered safe.

Given the very low shedding rates and low recurrence rates of ghsv1, chances of you ever transmitting it to anyone are very slim.
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I also want to add he did not wash his had before touching his eye . I am not sure if he used the same finger
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