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Primary Herpes Outbreak?

Hi all,

I recently slept with 2 women unprotected on separate occasions.

They both say now that they have had flu like symptoms for about a week. (Back ache, fever)

Both have a little bit of pain when urinating.

Neither of them have any blisters or lesions or sores.

The only symptoms I have had are a rash on my foreskin, which was there for 3 days, and has started to clear up with 3 days of Daktarin treatment, and a few red dots on my glans, which disappeared after 3 days, no pain  no sores, no flu like symptoms.

None of us knowingly have Herpes.

Could this be herpes? The UTI and flu type symptoms point toward Herpes i believe, but the lack of sores/blisters is my only hope that it is not Herpes.

I have a urine and swab test (from one of the red dots) coming back tomorrow, I'm expecting they won't find it because it wasnt a sore.

1 of the girls also has the same tests coming back tomorrow, but she had a no sores either so I guess they wont find anything.

Please help.
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2 weeks!!!

Any UTI they may have most probably was not caused by you. I take it they have been having sex with other men as well?

Blisters do not show up after the flu symptoms. The symptoms refer to the almost toxic shock of the body's immune system addressing the virus as evidenced by the blisters. It cannot happen the other way around. The rule is that if you have symptoms that make you think you are waiting for herpes lesions to appear, it isn't herpes.
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These do not sound at all like herpes symptoms. I suspect a general cold/flu and UTI going on, but test for STIs.
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Thanks that eases me.

Do you not think its a bit coincidental that both girls have UTI  and flu symptoms starting 2 weeks after sexual contact?

If blisters are known to show after flu symptoms, then they could start to show in the next days... Symptoms have been prevalent for 7 days now, do you think if there were going to be blisters, there would have been by now?
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One has been sleeping with other men I think, the other hasn't, i think. A UTI may well have been caused by me as it could be a bacterial infection on my John Thomas. As long as its not Herpes I can sleep.

Thank you very much.
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Not herpes and not you. A UTI caused from sex will start pretty well next day. 2 weeks means that a UTI is probably unrelated to the sex. Also unrelated to herpes that would appear in a few days, extremely unlikely to exceed 10 days.
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