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Risk of Herpetic Whitlow

Hi, earlier today, I had a masturbation encounter with another gay man.  I stroked his genital and i briefly fingered his anus (no insertion, just in the opening) with my middle finger tip.  I am now worried that if he has anal herpes, I may have contracted herpetic whitlow on my finger.  

What are the chances that I may have contracted HSV on my finger?  He is of unknown HSV / HIV status.  

After performing the masturbation and finger act, i washed my hands with soap immediately but I'm still concerned.   Any advice may help alleviate my concerns.
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this is almost no risk of infection for you.

have you ever been tested for herpes to know your own status?

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Thanks for the response Grace! I am concerned still as I developed a sore throat this morning. Will have to wait and see how that pans out.

I had blood work done 3 weeks ago. IgG serology and both came back negative for HSV 1/2. I haven't had any sexual encounters for over 6 weeks before the test.
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sore throats are most commonly caused by the types of infections you can get from touching surfaces, kissing, being around sick people and even breathing within 3 feet of someone infected with a viral illness. No reason to think this is herpes!!!

herpes igg blood testing is accurate 3-4 months post encounter.
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