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Tested negative twice for HSV2

I learned that I was exposed to HSV 2 by someone with whom I was involved for about a year.  I ended the relationship immediately and was blood tested a few days after our last encounter.  The results showed HSV1, but the number was not high enough to be positive for HSV2.  I should note that at this time I began douching with undiluted hydrogen peroxide twice daily, which may have actually done some damage.  About three weeks after our last encounter I discovered a single painful, itchy bump in the perineal area on the left side, with groin swelling on the left side about 1-2 days after this.  I had the lesion culture tested when it was very new (one day).  The results were negative.  How long should I wait for a definitive result from a blood test?  
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3 months is 93% confirmatory i believe. Also, The CDC as well as Focus Tech. (makers of Herpeselct) say  3 months is confirmatory. I have talked personally with both of them. Hope this helps.
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Douching can definitely be damaging.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends against douching. It may mask, or even worsen, conditions such as bacterial or yeast infections. It is also associated with an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
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H2O2 is  what they use for non-chlorine bleach dear. Not diluting it and douching with it 2x/day is never a good idea.  Were you directed to do so by a gyn or was this something you did on your own?

You need to wait 4 months after the last time you had sex to get retested for herpes.  Should you get another genital lesion before then, see your provider promptly for a repeat lesion culture and typing.

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