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Is A Misdiagnosis of Genital Warts Common?

I received the Gardasil vaccine, which protects against almost all genital warts infections, when I was 13. I received it years before I had any sexual contact so it should be as effective as possible.

In June I was diagnosed with genital warts at planned parenthood. The nurse practitioner who diagnosed me did not know any of my medical history and did not even ask if I was vaccinated which I think should make an impact in a proper diagnosis.

I had 2 acid treatments a week apart and the lesions were gone in 2 1/2 weeks. Now that they are gone I cannot biopsy the lesions to find out if they were actually caused by an HPV infection.

So I just wanted to see if misdiagnosis's of genital warts are common and if anyone has had one.

Thanks for any feedback!
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Hi for a doctor familar with this would be very accurate but bottom line is the bipsy would have confirmed it. It could have been molluscum as well. These also have a wart type feature.
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The vaccine only protected you from 4 of the most common strains. There are lot more strains out there and some result in warts. Does misdiagnosis occur?  Yes. A biopsy result is always necessary, IMO. I had one removed last year that tested negative. If it ever happens again, get it biopsied and ask to be informed of the strain number.

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