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Little Growth on Uvula

I'm going through a period of hypochondria and have found another issue to fixate on. I noticed yesterday that I had a little bump next to my uvula. It is very tiny (less than half a centimeter) and is the same color as my uvula. From certain angles, it just looks like a little flap of skin, but sometimes it dangles and looks like a tiny uvula next to the actual one. Does this sound like anything to worry about? Obviously my biggest fear is some sort of head and neck cancer (I am a 21 year old male, never smoked a cigarette, barely drink alcohol, no history of oral cancer). I do have a plantar wart on my right foot, but I'm not sure if the HPV from that could spread to my throat. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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I had the same worry. My ENT saidnits probablt just a swollen sauga gland and not to worry.

I had a growth that looked like a swollen taste bud which was cut off and sent in.
Just waiting for results now.
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No idea but you should get it checked out. First by your dentist and then by an oral surgeon if warranted.

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