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Marijuana, alcohol and HPV

Hi Everyone,
I'm a 27 year old female and I was diagnosed with HPV about 8 months ago. Since then I have had 2 abnormal PAP tests, assumingly caused by the HPV, even though my other symptoms have been treated and stayed gone. My concern is obviously developing cervical cancer. I vaporize weed maybe 3-4 times a week (vaporizing the THC at a temperature that is not high enough to burn the weed so it's better than smoking it) and I cannot get a straight answer on if and how weed might make the HPV worse or increase my chances of developing cancer. Some say it has no effect at all, some say it might and some say it will. Can anyone give me a straight answer on this? Is it or is it not safe for me to be vaporizing weed? I also drink maybe 10 alcoholic drinks a week which I know can increase risks as well, but does anyone know if there is a somewhat safe amount? I'm going to try and cut it all out until the HPV goes into remission again and I get a normal PAP test, but I would like to be able to drink again eventually.
Thanks for any info!
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OK, so here's the story. The medical community doesn't completely agree about immune system and how it impacts your HPV. Things like weed, excessive drinking, bad diets, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, more stress, etc all lower one's immune system. Some booze is worse than others (ales, liquor, etc) where as red wine seems to be better for people. Do realize that a normal Pap result is still no assurance that you won't get a abnormal result some day or that cancer won't occur. When I was trying to prevent a second wart from appearing, I stopped all drinking. Spent an entire Summer sober. Was the designated driver for my friends and got very healthy. You should cut down to no more than 1-2 drinks per week and it should be wine. Reduce 420 consumption (via vapor or smoke) to maybe once or twice a week. Exercise more, eat healthy, get more rest, take vitamins and supps, eat healthy foods and you may get a normal Pap result. I don't drink to excess anymore. Two is enough. I would rather stay semi-sober than get another wart any day!

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