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Wart increasing in size after cryrotherapy?

I found what now appears to be a wart inside my vaginal opening and a smaller one on the outside like a skin tag shape I had them frozen almost a week ago tomorrow the smaller one seem to have decreased a bit in size but the larger one (I'm pregnant thats why I think its so large its about the size of your little fingers nail) seems to be increasing in size.

Ive had no blistering and its not drying out or anything like that what normally happens after cryotherapy is my question? Should it of decreased even a little in size I understand it can take a few sessions but nothing at all happening?

Ive never had warts before and I think my pregnancy has triggered the hpv in me to become active any reply welcomed thank you in advance.
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Ive not had no other treatment, Ive had another cryotherapy treatment 3 days ago and its shrunk a tiny bit the doctor said it should blister or a bits should fall off but still nothing, I did bleed a bit while I was looking at it its still a large size tho I don't know what else to do I really don't want the wart present when I give birth Ive only got 2 months left now before my baby is due
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Hi, that can sometimes happen its completely normal.
it doesnt always work straight away, warts are persistant things, i have had my frozen twice now and still nothing has really happened!
keep an eye on them, if the doctor has adviced any other medication use as said, but as you are pregnant i assume they havent given you anything else

give it a week or so as it can take that long to take effect, and if nothing just pop back, like you said it sometimes takes a few attempts, meanwhile, boost your immune system, thats what will fight the warts in the end!

I hope it goes well, keep us updated
good luck with your pregnancy :)

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