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Would HPV warts really last this long?

I was diagnosed with HPV about 13 years ago, but later was told it cleared itself. A couple of years before my diagnoses, I noticed about 4 very small fleshy colored, soft, painless bumps right below the entrance to my vagina. I went to Planned Parenthood and got a pretty quick exam and was told that they weren't warts, so I tried to not worry about it. They're still there and they have gotten a tiny bit bigger in the subsequent 13 years, the biggest being about 1/16 of an inch long. They look like little cones, with a couple clustered together on one side, and one almost imperceptible on the other. They've never developed on any other part of my vagina.

I have read that warts are unlikely to last this long, and I'm wondering if this could be something else?
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The only tried and true way to know is to go get one biopsied. I agree it doesn't sound like hpv, but you can't know beyond a shadow of a doubt without biopsying.

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