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are condylomas?

sorry for my english but I'm italian. my boyfriend had sexual relations only with me. about two months ago soft, slightly raised soft bubbles appeared on the shaft of the penis, more or less white. thinking they were pimples, he crushed them. they made the crust and left (now there is only the crust). of course we will both make a visit but I would like an opinion if you look like warts. now I put the link of the photos
the first picture is of how they look now after having crushed them (a bit of blood and white stuff has come out) and the second picture of how they had just appeared. I controlled myself and externally I have nothing. possible that my ex has infected me and I have infected my boyfriend without showing anything? thanks to those who will answer me. first photo :https://postimg.cc/image/46nyxkw59/                                
2 photo :https://postimg.cc/image/50563zwpp/
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Visual inspection requires a doctor visit.  Pictures never provide enough identification. Go see a dermatologist and ask for a biopsy if warts are suspected.
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