Im 16 years old ... and i experice severe pain along with my period . The pain will make me nauseus, headaches, and 'll be in unbearable pain . My doctor put me on birthcontrol to make my pain less severe (which didn't really do anything). I stopped taking birthcontorl due to trasportation and money. Ever since i stopped i've been getting EXTEMELY painful cramps and headaches, I'm also expericeing retal pain . The pain is like pressure on my anus and shooting pains to my lower stomach. These rectal pains come and go but i will wake up from the pain ... or if im walking it feels like im going to pass out . What is this and should i be concerned.

P.S. My periods have been quite heavy and ave more bloodclots in it .
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Also .... it makes it very painful to have a bowel movement AND certain pisitions i sit in makes the pain even worse. Also walking ... cant do it when i get these pains hurts so bad what could it be ?
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I'm not sure if yours is dysmenorrhea, i  have a dysmenorrhea but not on my every period, the pain will be there if i take a bath on my first and second day of menstruation and if i wear sanitary napkins during those days. i almost passed out three times in my life because of the pain and nausea. i never took any medications for it, home remedy i use is i use likewarm water if i take a bath, but if the pain is still there, i apply hot but dry compress on my abdomen, right below my buttons, i drink lukewarm water, and i also maintain calcium and b-complex. but i don't have rectal pains and headaches, but oftentimes it makes me poo. when i get exercise before my period and minimize my salt intake, i don't feel the pain that much. i hope you went to another specialist, coz, i don't think taking pills will do any good to you.
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i will sugges you ,when u got cramps on ur back during ur period then you apply hot patches on ur monkey bone. it will helps u alot . coz i was also hving cramps and when i do as i say taking hot patches ,then it helps me more. u should try this honey.u will got these hot patches in CVS ar any pharmacy .ok takle care. bye

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